Apeks AT20 Octo AA0025 035095

Mfg Part #: AA0025

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Excellent value balanced octopus regulator. Good reliable performance and ideal for diving in warm waters.

AT20 second stage features venturi control.

An emergency air supply is an absolute must for any diver and its reliability is equally as important as your primary regulator. We would always recommend the use of an Apeks Octopus with your Apeks primary air supply. In fact we now offer a complete range of Stage 3 sets which package together primary regulators and octopus reducing the cost of purchasing these items separately. Our ATX/AT octopus are manufactured with our unique Glow-in-the-dark feature and are supplied with a yellow medium pressure hose - 36' long. The venturi lever and backplate are supplied in fluorescent yellow to match the front cover and the hose protectors. The hoses are supplied with 3/8' UNF thread, but can be produced with 1/2' UNF to order. Oxygen compatibility kits are available for all octopus.

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