H2O Extra Air Source Pony Bottle Regulator-2nd Generation EAS2S 033016

Mfg Part #: EAS2S
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Every Extra Air Source we sell comes complete with:

  • Completely new & redesigned 2nd Generation!
    - not like most other sites that sell the discontinued old 1st Generation model
  • Station filler assembly included
  • On/Off valve allows for worry free storage
  • Extra low pressure and high pressure ports
  • 2nd stage has dual silicone exhaust valves which directs bubbles away from mask
  • Diver Air "On" and "Off" Switch
  • High grade silicone mouthpiece
  • 1st stage has vertical and horizontal swivel
  • Tank not included as pictured- (See below to order)

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Questions and Answers for H2O Extra Air Source Pony Bottle Regulator-2nd Generation:

  • michelle:

    Does it come with a regulator? What would be an adequate regulator if not? Also does it have an air gauge?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Michelle, yes this comes with the 2ndstage regulator. Also for the pressure gauge it does not come with one. If you are looking for a compact gauge take a look at: http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-51/017034/H2O-Pony-Bottle-Pressure-Gauge.html.

  • Terry:

    what are the sizes of the bottles in feet or inches and how many estimate breaths with each size?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Terry, you have the option to get this in a 6 cubic foot, 13 cubic foot, and 19 cubic foot. As for the breathing rate each person is different, but with the higher cubic foot the more air you will have.

Extra Air Source - EAS2

RG2V 1st stage with on/off valve
2nd stage connects via a vertical / horizontal swivel
Available in kits which include:
- 1st & 2nd stage
- Yoke, Station, or DIN filler
- Quick release bag
- GPD button gauge (optional)

Yoke Kit : EAS6Y-KY | Station Kit : EAS6Y-KS

Piston First Stage - RG2V

Standard piston first stage
On/Off valve
2 Low pressure ports & 1 high pressure port
Great for Argon & Redundant Air Systems


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