Oceanic Pioneer 2 Ultra Clear Mask 05-5416-29 127378

Mfg Part #: 05-5416
  • Free Protective Hard Case included
  • For Medium to Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Super-view lenses with ultra clear tempered glass for unparalleled vision
  • Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy one handed clearing
  • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Double lens design to reduce eye fatigue
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Full metal aluminum frame provides added strength and durability
  • COLORS: Titanium 

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What A View:
Mask designers have worked hard over decades to improve your peripheral view underwater. The most current craze is
improving your “downward” vision so that you can better see your equipment. The Pioneer’s super-view lenses provide
a stunning peripheral and downward viewing angle – but think for a moment which view is most important while
actually diving – when horizontal in the water. It is your “upward” vision that is most important.

Advanced Skirt Design:
The Pioneer’s flange is designed with a revolutionary construction of geometry, material and construction techniques
that work together to make the smallest internal volume mask in the scuba diving market. With the flange and inner
frame molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt, there is incredible low internal volume as well as
the elimination of the bulky external plastic frame found on other masks. A wide field of view and great fit completes
the combination of function, style and durability.

Easy-to-Use Buckle System:
Using the most innovative buckle design in the world, the Pioneer’s buckles make adjusting the strap fast and intuitive.
Sturdy yet compact, they are designed specifically to optimize the advantage of the new skirt tube mounted buckles.

Skirt Tube Mounted Buckles:
By attaching the Pioneer flexible mask buckles to the skirt, you experience superior hydrodynamics because the strap
fits closer to your head. In addition, the tension exerted by the strap transfers to the skirt, not the frame! This reduces
the pressure of the frame against your face. The compact, flexible buckle design enables you to store the mask in a
jacket pocket with ease.

Full Metal Frame Technology:
The full metal frame technology makes the Pioneer mask the strongest and most indestructible two-window mask ever.
The metal frame lens retainer locks the lenses in place and provides added strength to the entire mask.
3D Strap:
The Oceanic Pioneer strap offers unprecedented grip and comfort due to the snug fit against the head's natural
curvature. These round-edge strap features a soft fit that suppresses pressure dramatically improving comfort.
Ultra Clear Lenses:
The Saint Gobain Glass Diamant lenses installed on the Pioneer mask offer extra clear, low-iron glass for optimum
vision. The low iron content produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent of other glasses on
the market.
• Excellent clarity ensures true colors are seen
• Optimum vision quality is achieved while looking through the glass
• Offers a high level of light transmittance
• Creates maximum light visibility due to the product’s high level of transparency

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