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Aqua Lung Micro Mask

Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Semi-Dry Flex Snorkel ADD $49.95
Black/Black Silicone Mask Add $15.00

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Rating: Love the smaller faceplate and the pink!
Reviewer: Heather .
I love the size of this mask it fits my face perfectly. I have a general issue with masks period where they pull up on my nose and this one did the same thing. This is just something I deal with I have tried moving the mask strap lower and it helps but the mask continues to slip up my face till it is pulling at my nose so I readjust often and live with my little trial. If you have a smaller face I highly recommend this mask!

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Rating: Aqua Lung MicroMask Mask. Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Monica S.  -  View all my reviews
I was very excited when I read so many great review of this mask and even saw some you tube video reviews so was hoping the Aqua Lung MicroMask would be the right one for me. Sadly it was not. Any mouth movement would let in water with my small round face. I also experience a lot of discomfort with the indented areas on each side of my nose over sinuses clearly meant for bigger faced and big nosed people. I was however very pleased with the material and the easy tightening of the mask but am still in search of "THE RIGHT ONE!"

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Rating: Best low volume mask on the market
Reviewer: Alex F.  -  View all my reviews
Ive been diving recreationally since 1986 and professionally since 1995. In my experience this mask is the best mask that I have ever used. A little pricey but worth every cent.

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Questions and Answers for Aqua Lung Micro Mask:

  • Julie:

    I have a facial physical deformity and have a difficult time finding a mask that doesnt leak. I have a left sided concave area running from the lateral eye to the upper lateral cheekbone. Can you recommend this or another or refer me to your manufacturers? Heres your challenge of the day! Thanks

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, I think the only solution for you would be trial and error. The two masks that for some reason fit a wide range of faces would be the Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask and the Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask

  • Gary:

    Is this mask available in any other colours?

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hi Gary, At this time the only colored offered is black with black silicone.

  • Michelle:

    Hi there, I am looking for a high quality snorkeling mask for my very narrow face. I have been to 2 dive shops in town, tried on all their masks and was told because I have such a narrow face, all of them would leak in the areas on the side of my eyes. I dont remember the brand names, but I dont think any of the masks were "high-end". Which brand mask would you recommend for women that have this problem? Should I just go with the one that (almost) fits??

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    There is no particular "brand" that runs narrower than another. Many manufacturers will make frames that run smaller than others within their line. The MicroMask is a good example of one of these. For more information on other manufacturers or choices please contact our instructors at

  • Carol:

    I would like to purchase the aqua lung micro mask. Unfortunately it doesnt have a prescription options. I was told that my correction could be bonded to the glasses. My question to you is, do you do this and does the bonded lens fill the glass area? Also could you give me an estimate. My prescription is mild -1.50 both eyes. Thank you in advance

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We only offer prescription dive masks for the masks found at: We do not perform any sort of bonding of lenses to existing masks.

The Micromask is a revolution in mask design. Its innovative, patented structure makes it possible for the lenses to fit in the ocular orbit. Never before have lenses been so close to the eyes. This not only results in an amazingly wide peripheral view but an extremely low internal volume. While scuba divers love it, it is sure to be a favorite amongst the free diving community.

Extra low volume makes it very easy to clear

Features patented “cardanic” double joint buckles that rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out. This provides maximum adaptability and comfort to any head shape

The quick counterposed push button activation make the buckle easy to use even while wearing gloves

Mask Care and Maintenance
Care Before the Dive:

During the manufacturing process, a thin film of silicone will develop on the glass lens. This film of silicone will cause rapid fogging that is resistant to conventional anti-fog measures. It is important to remove this film of silicone from the lens prior to your first dive. To remove the film you will need to scrub the lens inside and out with a mild abrasive. A paste toothpaste is ideal but a liquid scrub will also work. Rub the cleanser into the lens with your fingers several times and then rinse clean thoroughly.
Mask fogging is a normal occurrence, even after the film of silicone has been removed. Normal fogging can be easily prevented with after market anti-fog agents or saliva. Rub onto the lens and then rinse. Your dive will now be fog free!
Some after after-market anti-fog agents contain formaldehyde, alcohol, or other substances that may damage the plastic materials used in your mask. If unsure, avoid prolonged exposure of the anti-fog agent with the plastic parts of your mask.
Care During the Dive:

When entering the water either from a boat or a beach, place a hand over the lens of your dive mask and hold it securely in place. This will help ensure your mask stays in place during entry and will help deflect any direct impact of water on the lens caused by the jump into the water or any approaching waves.
A typical dive staging area is a dangerous place for dive masks. Care should be taken to not leave your mask in a location where it might be exposed to dropping weight belts or tanks.
It is best to avoid putting your mask on your forehead at any time during the dive. Several factors can cause the mask on your forehead to be dislodged and subsequently lost. If you want to temporarily remove the mask from your face, place the mask around your neck.
Care After the Dive:

Soak in warm fresh water (not over 120°F) to dissolve salt crystals.
Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and towel dry before final storage.

Store in a cool, dry and protected place out of direct sunlight.
Store separated from other dive gear as the black pigmentation of other equipment may discolor the clear silicone skirt of your mask.

Avoid any contact with alcohol, oil, gasoline, aerosols, or chemical solvents.
Do not expose any part to aerosol spray, as some aerosol propellants attack or degrade rubber and plastic materials.
Do not use any type of alcohol, solvent or petroleum based substances to clean or lubricate any part.
Do not store your equipment near any oil, gasoline, chemicals, or solvents.


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