Mares i3 Liquidskin Mask 411035-BXCBLBL 029968

Mfg Part #: 411035
Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • Free Protective Hard Case included
  • For Medium-Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Liquid silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • 3-window construction for extraordinary field of view
  • Low Volume
  • Revolutionary Ergonomic Quick-Adjusting Buckles
  • Buckles optimally positioned directly on the skirt resulting in more comfortable seal

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Customer Reviews for Mares i3 Liquidskin Mask:

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Rating: Did not fit
Reviewer: Mark Dougherty  -  View all my reviews
Five stars for for exchanging the mask. I went to a shop and tried some on and found the x-vu mask to fit my face much better. I have a large face and nose. I would recommend finding a mask that fits at your local shop or resort before ordering one online.

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Questions and Answers for Mares i3 Liquidskin Mask:

  • Jose:

    Can I order this mask with +3.0 reading area lens ? I had tried the stick on correction film but they dont work very well and the come off.

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hi Jose, With this mask we can't do lens in them. Below is a link to our masks with optics.

  • Terry:

    The i3 is listed on the site as a "LiquidSkin" model, but the information on the Mares site does not show that model with "LiquidSkin". Which is correct?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Terry, here is the link to the manufacture page:

  • Terry:

    Can you give me information on the Mares i3 model vs. the Mares Essence model? What are the core differences? Are they visibility, LiquidSkin, or mask volume (some specs say medium and others say ultra low for same model). I am of a mind to buy one of each and return the one that does not work well for me, but I would like to avoid that if I can.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Terry, the silicone is the same in both masks. The Essence mask is a frameless mask so it will be a lower volume mask vs. the I3 mask. Also the I3 comes in a few different colors where the Essence comes in all black or all white.

  • Nevis:

    This says liquidskin mask but the description has the wrong product number and says sunrise. which is correct?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this is the liquidskin. Ignore the product number. Sorry about the confusion.

411035 - Mares I3 Mask


An unparalled field of vision

• Tri-comfort skirt
• X-Shaped strap
• Quick-adjusting buckles

i3 combines the advantages of the Tri-comfort technology with a huge field of vision. In addition to the wide central glass, smaller panels on each side guarantee peripheral vision that will blow you away. The ergonomic 2-button buckles allow for easy and secure adjustment of the strap even when diving with thick gloves.
Product Details
Code: 411035
Volume: L
Optical lens: No

Product Features

Sunrise: The Sunrise masks are dedicated to the Asian market and wider faces because of the special geometry of the skirt.

Tri-Comfort: Small horizontal ribs between the frame and the skirt in the area around the nose. These ribs absorb and redistribute the pressure exerted by the frame onto the skirt, with a resulting increase in comfort.


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