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IST Classic Round Mask

  • For Medium-Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Wide field of vision
  • Classic one window design
  • COLORS: Black rubber or Clear Silicone (pictured)

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2oz Sport Bottle Mask Defog with Carabiner $7.95

Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag $29.95

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Average Customer Review: based on 11 reviews.

Rating: Classic Round Clear silicone Dive Mask
Reviewer: Mark W.
This was an item I had been looking for and when I found it I was very happily surprised at the price. IIt also arrived very promptly and came with helpful care suggestions. Your company is very customer-friendly!!

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52 out of 91 people found this review helpful.

Rating: because it looks cool
Reviewer: Gina H.
I bought this more for the nostalgia of it. Its a little strange to get used to, but a good mask in general.

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53 out of 107 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Small Mask
Reviewer: Vincent Marino
This mask is listed to fit med. to large faces. I would say small to med. Not even close to fit large faces p.s. You really need to ship orders a little sooner. I placed an order with another company on oct.20 and I already recieved it.

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197 out of 382 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Basic mask
Reviewer: Russell D.  -  View all my reviews
I found the mask easy to use, it sealed well and did not fog up when I took anti fog measures. The rubber part where it touches your upper lip and bottom of nose is hard and presses on the cartilige of the ones nose. The mask caused some discomfort, but if not strapped onto the face super tight it was not unbearable. The mask did not leak and water pressure is what keeps it sealed to your face. For the price I think it was not worth it. I sent it back and got the omni mask which I also purchased at the same time for my friend. Snorkeling with the Omni mask was much more comfortable.

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Rating: Like the old days . . . see it all!
Reviewer: Keith Jenkin
Ive had many masks over the years (including some very high-dollar ones) and this mask reminded me of one as a kid. You can see a huge field of view in binocular vision. Thats because there is nothing between your eyes except your nose! Objects off-center and below are seen with both eyes instead of peeping with one only eye at things not right in front. When the contemporary goggle-style masks became vogue, a big "benefit" was less air volume making it easier to purge the mask. Phooey. If you know how to purge, this mask is a snap. And, you can purge the whole mask at any angle, even swimming straight down! (That takes a little practice, but doing it while prone is easy by rotating your head, no need to stop and look vertically to get the puddle to the bottom of the mask.) However, the big thing is the unobscured view. Try it (its cheap). And be prepared for some weird looks from other divers. (My wife says I look "Dorky" whatever that is.) Maybe replace the wimpy strap if it bugs you. BUT GET THE CLEAR SILICONE VERSION of the mask, also sold by SCUBA.COM for a few bucks more. The black rubber one is kind of hard and a bit more difficult to get a seal but the silicone mask works fine. Keith

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Rating: love it!
Reviewer: ashlee shay
the vis was fantastic in this mask! equalizing was a little tricky at first because reg was very close to nose piece but very doable. strap is a little flimsy but didnt have any problems on maiden voyage. very happy with the end results. recommend to anyone

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Rating: old school mask
Reviewer: Michelle Duran  -  View all my reviews
i bought this mask for my daughter she loves it. it allows her to see very well unlike the divided masks that limit your view. the only problem was with the strap. it has a tendency to come loose and pop off the metal clasp not good when your under water! the design on the side is not the best. if they could rethink the way it attaches to the mask that would help. even if you use a slap strap it could potentially pop off.

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367 out of 671 people found this review helpful.

Rating: old school!!!!
Reviewer: michael c.  -  View all my reviews
I like the view of a round mask but could not use my old one for diving because you could not equalize. but now I can due to this new design.a little small on my face,and im not a big person.

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221 out of 412 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Its okay
Reviewer: George Marthen
I was shopping primarily by price and by the field of view. This mask was reasonably priced but maybe a bit high though. I really like the unobstructed field of view as well as the fact that the mask didnt have anything fancy on it such as a purge valve which might leak, etc. I prefer the black rubber because there is no reflection/glare from the light coming in from the sides. The only problem I had with the mask was the cheap strap that came with it. The strap was thin enough that it would slip out of the "lock" and come undone when slight pressure was applied. I was going to return it but having to pay the cost of shipping made me feel like I was putting more money into a bad situation so I decided to try replacing the strap with a new one that was the thickest I could find. Fortunately it worked. In fact, it works well enough that I use it as my main mask.

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Rating: easy and safety
I test my new scuba mask and i very happy. It works well,Good ajust compression and easy. I dont have problems with this product

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