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Mfg Part #: 05.5116

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Reviewer: Garland Walters  -  View all my reviews
Just returned from 8 days of snorkling & this mask was outstanding. Fit was great, the purge feature took care of any water with little effort, really happy I chose to pay a little more & get a quality mask

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Rating: Great Fit for Narrow Faces
Reviewer: TAMMY C.
I have a very narrow face and this mask fits perfectly. Most masks that I have tried do not fit me well and cause leakage because they are too big. I also love having the purge valve. It is slightly uncomfortable until you get used to it. It did kind of press on up on my nose a bit at first, but then I figured out that be keeping the strap at just the right spot on my head that it no longer pressed on my nose. I could see how it would probably not be comfotable for someone with a big nose though. But it is worth having the purge for me, because any amount of leakage that I do get is very easily cleard out. I highly recommend this mask for anyone who wants a purge mask and has a narrow face.

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Rating: Oceanic Ion 2 Purge Scuba Dive Mask
Reviewer: Paul F.
Beautiful quality mask. The fit and feel is top notch. Plenty of room for my nose and great visibility

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Rating: Not Recommended
Reviewer: Collin M.  -  View all my reviews
I had never had a purge on a mask until I bought this one. I now realize I dont need a purge valve to purge my mask. The old fashion way works better. The purge valve is a bulky obtrusion and is an unwanted feature in my opinion.

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Rating: ion2
Reviewer: chris l.
I just started diving and was having alittle difficulty with a mask that fit well. Im 62" @ 250,w/a moustash. This is a great mask.It fits very well and i love the purge.Visibility is good and adjusts easily. I am recommending this mask to people at work who are thinking of starting to dive.

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Rating: Great all round
Reviewer: Dr. Stephen Shaw  -  View all my reviews
excellent value excellent quality. purge valve works well. stylish too!

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Rating: Big Noses Only
Reviewer: Laura Reinhard  -  View all my reviews
Because the purge valve gets in the way from the bottom, you have to have a really large nose in order for this mask to work, at least if you want to equalize. I couldnt reach my nose. Redesign is needed.

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Rating: A great mask for a smaller face!
Reviewer: GRIFFIN O.
This mask is wonderful. It fits my smaller face well. It is very easy to equalize pressure and clear the mask. A great buy for a very good mask.

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Rating: Great Mask
Reviewer: kevin jones  -  View all my reviews
5 stars.... Love the fit and purge.

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Rating: ken ford
Reviewer: kenneth ford  -  View all my reviews
best mask found so far,very comfortable fits most faces very well.

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Questions and Answers for Oceanic Ion 2 Purge Mask:

  • tamara:

    I have a very slim face and would like to find a mask that does not leak

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Tamara, Thank you for your inquiry! The Oceanic Oceanic Ion 2 is for For Medium to Large Faces (110 lbs+). You want to look for the mask For All faces (60-240 lbs). There are a handful of masks that fits almost all faces. Try the H2O Alpha Mask: http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-52/027620/H2O-Alpha-2-Scuba-Dive-Mask.html If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please call us at 1-800-247-2822 or 949-221-9300.

  • Peter:

    I am looking for a low volume mask for freediving. Will this work.

    Greg  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Yes, this is a low volume mask and would be great for freediving. Also the M-210 Panthes Free Dive Mask will work as well.


Change your point of view. A low profile family of masks for the pro, the semi-pro, and all lovers of the sport who want to see the underwater world more clearly. Accepts optical lenses and comes standard with our Neoprene Comfort Strap.

Same design features as the Ion with a high volume purge valve
Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy clearing
May be easily fitted with optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0 diopters in .5 increments
**Now Available in positive diopters
100% liquid silicone for comfort and long-life
Tempered glass lens for safety
Easy adjusting buckles for convenience
Neoprene Comfort Strap included


Water is more dense than air, which makes objects look blurry. A mask provides an air spae in front of the eyes to eliminate distorted vision.


Prior to using the mask for the first time, thoroughly clean both sides of the lens with a nonabrasive liquid detergent, or toothpaste, to remove any residue, then rinse with fresh water.

To prevent fogging during use, rub a 'no fog' solution, or saliva, on the inner surface of the lense while it is still dry, then rinse with water.

Adjust the strap so that it holds the mask comfortably and firmly in position on your face without being too tight or restrictive.


Place the mask on your face and pull the strap over the top of your head.

To clear water that enters the mask, stand up or come to the surface and lift the bottom of the mask away from your face to allow the water to drain out. While underwater, tilt yourhead back and exhale gently into the mask while pressing the top portion with your fingers. Water will be forced out the bottom edge.

To eliminate mask squeeze caused by the higher pressures that are experienced when diving deeper than a few feet, exhale slowly into the mask through your nose as you dive deeper. To equalize pressure in your ears, pinch your nose closed with your thumb and finger and blow gently while holding your mouth closed.

Care and Maintenance

At the end of each day of use, rinse your mask thoroughly in fresh water and towel dry. Do not allow the clear silicone skirt or strap to come in contact with items that are black rubber. This will cause the clear silicone to become discolored. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat.
Ensure that the mask is completely dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry location.

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