Mares L.E.D. Torch with Strobelight 415710 026417

Mfg Part #: 415710
  • Free Lanyard Included
  • State of the art ultra bright L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode Technology)
  • 300 TIMES Longer Bulb Life - 100,000 hours!
  • Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off
  • Handy strobe with small shock and impact resistant  L.E.D. back up light
  • High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors
  • BATTERY LIFE: 30+ hours
  • DEPTH: 130 feet
  • COLOR: Black
  • BATTERY:3 AA batteries (not included - see below to order)
  • BULB:  White LED

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Rating: LED Dive Torch with Strobelight
Reviewer: howard b.  -  View all my reviews
Tried it out on a night dive at the France Park Indiana fresh water quarry. The LED light was not strong enough to penetrate more than a few feet. Granted I was in a quarry with poor visiblity to start with but my back up halogen light was much more powerful. The strobe light worked great and that is what I really wanted in this light as it is part of my emergency signal kit for salt water night dives. I give this item 3 stars.

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Questions and Answers for Mares L.E.D. Torch with Strobelight:

  • Larry:

    What are the dimensions?

    Greg  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    About 5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

415710 - Strobe Beam LED Torch

Compact 2-in-1 Strobe and LED Torch Unit. Super-efficient LED Back-up Torch. 24 hours of lighting power. 3 AA batteries. A lightweight and compact torch able to deliver high-intensity light. Electronic voltage supply control of the LED ensures a consistent light for over 100,000 hours of lamp life and over 30 hours of battery life. Shock resistant - can handle whatever you can dish out. 

The white color temperature of the light means that you'll see more colors, even underwater. The Mares LED Strobe Beam will work underwater even below 100 feet. Comes with a scientifically engineered reflector, assures perfect light intesity.

This torch is the result of in-depth research, and the fruit of years of experience from professional divers and technicians. Latest-generation
innovative technical solutions and advanced materials set this torch apart. You'll quickly notice its versatility, convenience, and extended
duration. These are extremely small torches designed to be as ergonomic as possible and easy to use when scuba diving. When worn on the wrist using the special strap, it's always close to hand and precise: the switch stays near the thumb.


Respect the polarity of the batteries as shown in this manual and inside the torch.

Remove the batteries if the torch is left unused for long period or during transport, to avoid an accumulation of gas, especially when
used with rechargeable batteries. Do not use the torch out of the water.


Replace ALL the batteries when they are dead, to avoid damage or injury to the torch or people.

Use of expired batteries can significantly reduce the torch's burntime and performance.

A decrease in the intensity of light and/or a slight flicker in the beam indicate that the batteries have nearly lost their charge. They
should be replaced immediately.

Rinse the outside of the torch in fresh water after every dive, without disassembling it. 

Keep the torch in a cool, dry place. The temperature must never exceed 50°C.

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