Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer DL70 026283


Mfg Part #: DL70

Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer

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  • Free Lanyard included
  • Free 2 AA Alkaline Batteries Included
  • A must for pointing out critters day or night
  • Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off
  • LAMP LIFE: 50,000 hours
  • BATTERY LIFE: 10 Hours
  • DEPTH: 150 feet

Customer Reviews for Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer:

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Rating: Trident underwater laser - ho-hum
Reviewer: David M.
The laser works at night, and best out of water. I had some fun getting goatfish to Chase the light, but it wasnt very effective pointing out small or hidden fish such as the ghost pipefish. Green may be a better color than red.

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Rating: Great little pointer!
Reviewer: Hillary S.  -  View all my reviews
I did a shallow dive (6-16ft) for about an hour without any battery issues at all. It definitely works better in low-lit areas, and was a great tool to point out stuff to my dive buddy. It worked great pointing at objects and animals about 3-4 feet away, and visible to my buddy on the object about 6 ft away. Underwater in bright lighting, it was not visible at all (no surprise). It is small enough to fit in a BC pocket or keep on your wrist without getting in the way. I wound up just holding it even when the light couldnt be used.

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Rating: Later pointer
Reviewer: Gary Windsor  -  View all my reviews
Item is exactly what I wanted

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Rating: Great Laser
Reviewer: Doreen D.  -  View all my reviews
I purchased this laser as a guide for the external strobe for my SeaLife underwater camera. It works great, I attached it to the strobe and was able to point the strobe exactly where I wanted it to point to maximize the light from it. My picture came out much better than previously. As I become more involved in underwater photography I will probable purchase another one of these lasers to attach to additional strobes, including the one for videos.

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Rating: Non-Invasive Pointer
Reviewer: Clarkston Parker  -  View all my reviews
Dont risk a finger and dont poke the reef or critters with a metal pointer. Works in daylight or at night.

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Rating: Could be useful
Reviewer: Michael T.
Works fine and seems well constructed but it just doesnt seem to have a lot of power. Pretty much useless in less than 15 vis during the day. Havent tried it on a night dive yet (I have high hopes for that...)

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Rating: Underwater Laser Pointer
Reviewer: Sherie Brown
Its a good product works on some fish great for any cat or dog you might have another easy way to play with them without moving from your chair I like it this is my second one to own.

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Rating: Trident Underwater Laser Pointer
Reviewer: Brian W.
This product is very useful. The laser is fairly strong and the batteries last a long time.

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Questions and Answers for Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer:

  • Tracy:

    What are the dimensions (length & diameter) of this laser pointer?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The pointer is around 5" x 1" dia.

  • Mark:

    What colour is the laser? Thanks.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Good morning, The color of the actual laser beam is red.

  • Peter:

    Is it going to be a beam line or a red dot?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    It could be either or both. If there is any particulate matter suspended in the water you''ll see a red beam as well as the dot on the spot being aimed at. If the water is fairly clear you''ll simply see the dot.

  • J:

    what is the temp range of the laser. We have another brand that craps out at 35 degrees.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, you would need to contact the manufacture directly at (800) 234-3483. They would be the ones to help you out with that spec.

Underwater laser pointer, up to 150 ft depth

Made with easy grip handle that uses 2 "AA" batteries 

Used for pointing out objects, or for spearfishing

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