Tekna Xtra Edge Knife TEK-XE-SHARP-YLW 024217


Mfg Part #: TEK-XE
  • FREE Stainless Steel Mini Carabiner
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Sheath with lanyard attachment point
  • BLADE LENGTH: 1.4 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 3.5 inches

Customer Reviews for Tekna Xtra Edge Knife:

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Rating: Review - Tekna Xtra Edge Knife
Reviewer: Gerald O.  -  View all my reviews
"two is one, and one is none." this old adage being so true, so often, this knife-let is a nice "nice to have" as a second should you lose your primary. it can easily attach to a bcd or just be brought on the boat in your dry bag "just in case." being inexpensive, you do not have to give too much thought to "ought i get it, or not." just do. not one that you ought to bring to that long anticipated after-the-dive-mai-tai-fueled bar room knife fight, but otherwise a fairly servicable item for what it is.

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Rating: Extra edge extra quality
Reviewer: Kent K.
I had an extra edge back in the day.(late 80s early 90s)It attached to my key chain and I used it most everyday. Due to unforeseen circumstances,it disappeared one day.I searched gunshows and gunshops for years looking for another one, to no avail. That is until now! Finally after years of searching I found the extra edge once again through!Thanx guys. Always there when you need it, razor sharp right out of the package and 100% discreet. High quality blade and tough as nails snap handle make this a safe and dependable knife.I Highly recommend the Extra Edge for EDC.Once you get one you will never want to be without it.5 stars.Thanx again

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Rating: tiny tiny knife
Reviewer: Matthew C.  -  View all my reviews
its a neat little idea, but was much smaller than I expected for the price. If youre looking for a very small blade, this may fit you.

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Questions and Answers for Tekna Xtra Edge Knife:

  • James:

    How does the blade hold up after 100 dives in salt water? I.e., does it rust a lot, a little, not at all?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Any stainless steel knife will require it to be washed off with fresh water and allowed to dry before storing it. If left in a salt environment it will rust.

  • George:

    I have an extra edge knife (sharp Black) but I have lost the cover in the lake somewhere, Can the cover be ordered seperately?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This is not an item we carry, you might want to contact the manufacturer directly. 800-540-2814

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