XS Scuba FogCutter X Knife KN100 024091

Mfg Part #: KN100
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  • Built in scissors cuts easily through line, net, rope, kelp
  • Positive-Locking Sheath
  • Easy one hand release
  • Two depth compensating leg straps
  • Tank banging tip on handle
  • BLADE LENGTH: 4 3/8 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 9.5 inches long.
  • 420 Stainless Steel Blade
  • STYLES: Sharp or Blunt

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba FogCutter X Knife:

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Rating: My Fog Cutter Knife. Dont even think of diving without one.
Reviewer: Gene Youtsey
ellent knife. i had to replace mine because i lost my original in a shipwreck. i especially like and need the ability to cut through aluminum fishing gear and lines that the fishermen leave tangled up within and around the shipwrecks. it might even save my life someday.

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Rating: XS Scuba Fog Cutter X Dive Knife
Reviewer: Hugh Howell Jr.
I just received the XS Scuba Fog Cuter X dive knife. I am impressed by the quality of this tool. It is of a very high quality and put together very well. The fit and finish are very good for a production knife. I am a custom knife maker and know what makes a good weapon or tool. this knife is an excellent tool. H. M. "Kinny" Howell

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Rating: looks good
Reviewer: Steven T.  -  View all my reviews
Havent had to use it yet, but it looks awesome. everyone is impressed by it. It is a really nice medium sized knife. The leg strap is a must. Tank banger on the handle is a nice addition. Overall I think I am pretty happy with it. Seems to be pretty high quality.

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Rating: Scissors or knife? Two in package of one!
Reviewer: STAVROS IOANNIDIS  -  View all my reviews
Excellent knife and very sharp pair of scissors. Very light, not too much of a burdon and its sheath fits any size of culf. The basic notion of this gadget, is that you do not need any effort to cut fishing lines, nets or any other stuf that a diver meets down there. That means you do not spend valuable air, trying to cut (in most cases occupying your both hands),an entagled rope that annoynngly keeps embracing you. This knife-scissors serves this purpose to its fullest. It has a pair of pliers in its handle too! Now some instuctions. Rinse it well after dive with fresh water and wipe it out with soft cloth, or kitchen towel,to remove the stains. It is important to do so, because the stains keep cumulating and finally become rust. You might also want to spray it with silicone before first use and from time to time. Leave it open to releave the tension of its spring, while its sheath gets COMPLETELY dry. Thats all. Follow that and you will enjoy your knife for many years to come.

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Rating: Great all-around knife
Reviewer: Scott Michael  -  View all my reviews
I have an Akona attached to my BCD and this strapped to my calf. Several others in my club are planning to by them. The straight edge on mine came fairly dull so I took it to my local knifesmith who put a working edge on it (not razor-sharp) so that it now cuts much easier. The scissors function is extremely useful and the locking sheath is very secure.

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Rating: Great Dive Tool
Reviewer: Sarah D.
I gave this knife to my girlfriend for Christmas. We both just got Open Water certified and she is continuing onto Advanced. It is a really durable knife. The straps hold it on well (even over a slippery wetsuit). She loves the cutting tool. She got me a different knife that has begun to rust despite my cleaning it. This knife has not shown any signs of rusting. A great buy!

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Rating: Fog Cutter X Blunt
Reviewer: Harvey Flanders
I love this knife. If you dive in areas were there is alot of fishing going on I would suggest this tool. Knives dont work well against stainless steel fishing wire, you just wind up dulling your blade. But the sheers go right through it like butter. Also with very little practice you can open the sheers with one hand and cut rope, line, seaweed whatever without having to anchor it with your other hand. One drawback I found was the straps I would prefer different strap/buckle system.

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Rating: Great Knife!
Reviewer: Gabrole Sargenti
this knife is great. i bought the smaller one and it is still pretty long. it feels good holdong it. i think the longer one may be too big. i have not used it, other than testing it on different things (rope, line, kelp). i attached a recoil string to the butt so dont it by accident. it is good to know that i have the capability to get outta of bad situation if need be.5 stars would be a small led light incorperated into it! other thatn that it is perfect.

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Rating: X knife
Reviewer: lori m.  -  View all my reviews
Very nice with easy handling

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Rating: XS Scuba fogcutter is awesome!
Reviewer: Michelle Ehrenberg  -  View all my reviews
This is a must have for any diver! Get one if you don"t have one already

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba FogCutter X Knife:

  • terry:

    high is the large version or small version also can this item be attached to a bcd pocket thanx

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Terry, this knife is a large version that you would not be able to attach to a BCD.

  • Paul:

    What is the difference between with and without jacket?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    It is an error on our part. The item is supposed to say "with Knife Wrap" which is the neoprene knife wrap that is a much more comfortable way to strap the knife to your leg.

Fogcutter X Knife

Check out this unique knife
Built-in scissors can cut most anything
420 stainless steel blade
Chromate treatment on blade for rust prevention
Easy release, positive locking sheath
Rubber leg straps with quick-release buckles
4.75' blade length
9.5' overall length

Availble in Drop Point or Blunt

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