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Mfg Part #: 3014
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  • Titanium combines durability, sharpness, hardness, strength and abrasion resistance
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • Serrated edges easily cut through kelp, rope, fishing line and other potential hazards
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Multi-attachment hardware kit included for BC strap, pocket or a standard
    pressure gauge hose mounting
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 6.5 inches
  • STYLE: Blunt (no worries about accidentally puncturing your BC or wetsuit)
  • COLOR: Yellow with Black accents or Jet Black

Customer Reviews for Underwater Kinetics Remora Titanium Knife:

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Rating: Installation of knife sheath on BCD
Reviewer: Peter Weber  -  View all my reviews
The knife is very light. The grip makes it easy to hold securely and easy to draw from the sheath. 4 very small #4 machine screws and 4 plastic washers are supplied for attachment of the plastic sheath around a hose or for mounting on the BCD strap. Installation on my Cressi BCD required use of an awl and then flat head pliers to hold each screw aligned. I substituted stainless steel washers. Once you figure how to proceed the installation goes faster. And yes, I did manage to lose one screw (local hardware stores do not carry screws this small) but was able to scrounge a replacement from an old piece of equipment. The knife handle has an opening in the top corner. Its easy to slide on a key ring and attach the knife to a retractable clip. If you do, choose a clip that has a steel line instead of nylon. A suggestion for UK - throw in a couple of extra screws and the rating will go from 4 to a 5!

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Rating: Kinetics Remora Titanium Knife
Reviewer: Yvonne P.
my husband and i love to dive - especially expedition diving, in out of the way places - so we usually dive in company of local dive masters. after our last trip to the carribean, where we repeatedly ran across fishing line tangled in the reefs, we decided time has come to equip ourselves with small knives, just in case. for our presents last christmas we ed the kinetics remora titanium knives. we took them on our latest trip to the seychelles. i am happy to report they were easy to attach to our bcds, they stayed securely in their sheath both during dives and during transport, and they were not needed for any emergencies! and, after the expedition (of 10 dives, with not too thorough cleaning in between)they looked brand new!

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Rating: Excellent Quality.
Reviewer: Richard Todd  -  View all my reviews
You will love this knife. The edge is sharp and it is very lightweight. I also have the Remora knife in Stainless Steel, and I bet that the titanium one weighs half as much. Looks good too. Sheath is very secure and it has numerous mounting options.

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Rating: Good knife
Reviewer: Charles T. C.  -  View all my reviews
So far, so good. This knife is compact enough to attach to my BC where its not entangled anywhere yet easily in reach. Im quite satisfied with it.

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Rating: Nice little knife...
Reviewer: Billy Stewart  -  View all my reviews
This is a quality knife. Titanium is the way to go for all the reasons we are already familiar with. The knife is a little on the small side for my hands and did not come with straps. I dont think I want to attach the sheath through my strap on my BC (resulting in holes in the BC strap). It does have included hardware to attach to a hose. I will have to experiment with exactly where I want it to go. In the meantime it fits easily in my BC pocket.

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Rating: Remora Titanium Very Handy
Reviewer: Paul S.  -  View all my reviews
i dont like strapping on a big knife to my leg. somehow the straps always seem to loosen up and things end up sliding around too much. i personally like the remora for a a couple of reasons. first, it can be attached to a hose, so the configuration is very streamlinedone less thing to worry about. second, because i attached mine to a hose, it will always be close at hand if i ever need it. the serated blade would probably do a better job of cutting heavier line when needed, and i like the titanium for its lack of corrosion.

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Rating: The last knife you will ever need to buy!
Reviewer: Bob L.
Excellent knive with multiple attachment options. This knife should last a life time!

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Rating: great knife
Reviewer: Jeremy B.  -  View all my reviews
Nice sized backup knife, which fits in your BC pocket, or can be clipped to a hose. Titanium blade should last a long time.

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Reviewer: Kimberly Mako
This knife is secure when sheathed, easy to attach to a BC, and comfortable to grip underwater to remove from its sheath. The yellow also makes it visible and easy to identify.

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Questions and Answers for Underwater Kinetics Remora Titanium Knife:

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Remora Titanium

Our smallest safety knife provides peace of mind without taking up too much space. The Remora™ Titanium knife is lightweight, a compact 7 inches in length and can be permanently attached to your BC or regulator hose so you never forget it. Its titanium blade resists corrosion and is designed to easily cut through rope, fishing line, and other entanglements.

Attaches permanently to B.C.or regulator hose so you won't forget
Serrated knife cuts through rope & fishing line
Sheath attachment kit included for BC strap, pocket or 1/2 inch air hose

DIMENSIONS (L W H): 6.50 in x 1.80 in x 0.57 in 16.51 cm x 4.57 cm x 1.45 cm
BLADE TIP: Blunt Tip
WEIGHT: 3.10 oz 87.88 g
BLADE LENGTH: 2.90 in 7.37 cm


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