ScubaPro Seahawk BC 22.140.210 006720

Mfg Part #: 22.140.210

ScubaPro Seahawk BC

  • Integrated Ripcord Weight System- 34 lb capacity (24 lbs Diver releasable -
    10 lbs non-diver releasable trim weights for improved weight distribution and balance)
  • 56-LB Lift capacity
  • Streamlined, low-drag profile
  • Retractable aircell technology
  • Depth-compensating cummerbund
  • Durable 1000 denier nylon exterior
  • Two Zippered cargo pockets
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings
  • Soft neoprene neck roll
  • Standard with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI)
  • SIZES: Small through 2XLarge
  • COLOR: Black

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Questions and Answers for ScubaPro Seahawk BC:

  • Jose:

    I read that it is good for cold waters, it is also good for warm waters? or which one is better for warm waters?

    Elliott  (Certified Scuba Instructor at


  • Jose:

    I read that it is good for cold waters, it is also good for warm waters? or which one is better for warm waters? (Sorry for repeating this question but before I wasnt able to see the answer)

    Elliott  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Jose, Yes, this particular BCD is suitable for warm water diving as well. You will not be using it''s full lift capacity of 56 lbs with those profiles, but nevertheless.

  • hamiz:

    Hello, i saw a blue and black version of this, where can i get it ?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    According to ScubaPro the Seahawk is only available in the black color. You may have mistaken it for the Glide X.

  • Milton:

    I am worried that the bladder in the Seahawk is so much bigger than the Knighhawk that it will be harder to dump. I dont need the 56 lbs of lift but I like the pockets. Recommendations?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Milton, this will dump air the same way and just as easy as the Knighthawk. If you are looking to go a different route and look at other BC''s that are that style then take a look at the:

  • Maria:

    i want a new bc for my husband. he has an old scubapro equator (i think thats the name). he is a certified rescue diver standing 63" and 220lbs. would this be a good choice for him? someone had recommended the knighthawk, however, after some review reading i thought this may be a better ion. thanks for any help.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This would be a very good choice for any diver in colder water climates.

  • Maya:

    I like Seahawk BC but when Im looking for it at Scuba Pro distributor in Indonesia, they said that BC didnt sale in indonesia. Could you inform me where I can buy this BC around Asia, especially close to Indonesia. Thank you Regards Maya

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Maya, you would need to contact the manufacture directly to find a shop close to you. If you go to there website:

  • Alon:

    How much does the Seahawk weighs?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, a large is 10.4 Lbs.

The world the diver moves in is constantly changing. It is quite literally a fluid environment that calls for constant adaptation. The buoyancy compensator (BC) is the platform of the SCUBA diving system that provides flexibility and stability. It facilitates precise changes in underwater body position, allowing you to effortlessly see the world around you. SCUBAPRO offers three different categories of BCs offering different buoyancy behavior and trim under the water, as well as stability on the surface. All conform securely to the diver’s body to minimize drag and provide a comfortable, non-restrictive fit around shoulders and waist.

The Seahawk BC is a recent, award-winning addition to our family of dynamic, comfortable back flotation jackets. The Seahawk allows excellent freedom of movement, excellent swimming position, and provides plenty of storage- a great choice for divemasters and instructors.


  • Proprietary quick-release integrated weight system
  • Two rear trim pockets
  • Two large zippered cargo pockets to fit accessories
  • Ergonomic harness for even load distribution
  • Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Soft neoprene neck trim and plush backpad
  • Air cell constructed with 420-denier interior and 1000-denier nylon exterior
  • Knife attachment grommets
  • Pre-bent stainless steel D-rings
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator or optional AIR2 alternate air source
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