Sherwood Tortuga BC. TOR903 006436

Mfg Part #: TOR903

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  • Forrest:

    how are the 10 lb of non-diver releasable weights placed? I have examened a Tortuga and the only pockets I can find are the two side zippered pockets.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Forrest, there are two small pockets in the back of the BC that will hold up to 5lbs in each pocket. There is one on each side of where the tank sits.

Improved comfort, stability and ease of use.

When the CQR weight system was introduced it revolutionized weight-integrated BC technology. Its elegant simplicity made the CQR system extremely reliable and easy to use.

The designers of the original CQR system understood the benefit of placing the weight close to the body and using the natural forces of gravity to suspend the weight and distribute the load over the diver’s back. This provided unmatched comfort and stability.

The CQR 2 system is an improved version that preserves these principles but with the attachment point of the weight moved forward to provide easier access to the patented fastener. This new configuration is even easier to operate and continues to distribute the weight through the main harness of the BC and over the back of the diver.

The best of both worlds! Maximize utility and convenience. This new BC features a back mounted air cell to leave the chest area open for freedom of movement, but also provides some wrap around buoyancy for added lift and vertical stability.

Patented CQR2 Weight System is standard plus two rear pockets for up to 10 pounds of non-releasing trim weights.

This BC is the ultimate blend between two of our most popular styles and features:
• A 3-D air cell with controlled expansion to maximize lift and minimize squeeze.
• Easy to operate oral and power inflator
• Adjustable shoulders for easy entry
• Two functional zippered pockets
• Adjustable cummerbund
• Four stainless D – rings
• 1000 Denier construction
• Right Shoulder Vent Valve
• System Ready for AKONA BCD Pro Kit and QuickClip™

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