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Customer Reviews for Pinnacle 7mm Merino Titanium Zippered Drysuit Hood:

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Rating: Pinnacle 7mm Merino Titanium Zippered Drysuit Hood Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Eddie M.  -  View all my reviews
Nice warm hood with a great seal area around the face. My FFM seals nicely to it. Good zipper quality and warm.

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Rating: super hood at last!
Reviewer: Mike Cassidy
The fit and ease of getting this hood on is better than at least a dozen others that I have used over the years. The merino lining almost feels like a built in heater!

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Rating: Charlies New Pinnacle 7mm Merino Zippered Drysuit Hood
Reviewer: Charles Marchand
Did an hour dive in 38 degree water and my head stayed warm!! With my previous hood, I would have to re-arrange it at the start of the dive to minimize the amount of flushing that took place. The pinnacle hood required no adjustment and was easy to don. A great hood for cold water!

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Rating: Pinnacle Merino Drysuit Hood
Reviewer: Kenneth S.  -  View all my reviews
I have found all of the Pinnacle Merino products to be warmer. I have one of their wetsuits and this was a natural choice to go with my drysuit.

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Rating: godsend
Reviewer: Alon Altman  -  View all my reviews
Warm dry and comfy, Highly recommended!..

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Questions and Answers for Pinnacle 7mm Merino Titanium Zippered Drysuit Hood:

  • Andrea:

    Does the hood really keep hair totally dry!

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Andrea, this will let your head get wet. The reason it is called a drysuit hood. Is that it does not have a bib to get in the way of your drysuit seals. Since this does not have a bib it will lay flat next to your drysuit seals.

  • Colette:

    I typically wear a small hood with my rental drysuit, but it doesnt have a zipper. I want to get my own hood with a zipper, but Im not sure what size to order. I looked at the size chart and it didnt provide head measurements. I dont have a lot of hair, so I think I might be ok with a small. Any suggestions?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Colette, with or without a zipper you would be a size small.

  • John:

    Any idea of sizing in this Pinnacle 7mm hood? I currently wear an XL in the Scubapro Everflex Drysuit Dive Hood if that helps! Regards, John

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello John, you would be a size XL in this hood also.

  • George:

    My head circumference at the hat/cap line is 23." What size Pinnacle hood should I order? Also should I order it with the upgrade, the 6oz premium Lycra hood? Im a kayaker and plan to use this when the water temperature is in the 30s. Ill be wearing it as a safety measure in case I go over (unlikely because I mostly paddle flat water on calm days). Thank you.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello George, going by that size you would be a size Large. Also yes I would suggest the lycra hood.

  • clay:

    What size dry suit hood if my head is 17 1/2 "

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    That would be size XS according to the manufacturer.


Available in 7mm and 5mm varieties, Merino Lined Hoods now feature gusseted zippers to aid in donning and doffing. They also Pinnacle’s patented neck sealing system, as well as all the features of Pinnacle’s standard hoods.

• Merino™ lined neoprene is 35% more thermally efficient than
traditional rubber
• Sealing system is drier and is even more effective at depth

• Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large, XL, and XXL.

Merino™ lined PINNACLE suits work far better because they are not as affected by depth and pressure. Though our suits also compress as a diver descends, the water that is absorbed into the Merino™ lining is unaffected by the pressure exerted by the water outside the suit. The lining creates a layer of water, warmed by the diver’s body, which can be as much as 3mm thick. Because this layer of warm water is not compressed by depth, the warmth of the suit system is less affected. So, as the diver descends and the neoprene in the suit is
compressed thinner and becomes less effective, the Merino™ lined suit stays nearly as warm as it was on the surface, even on the deepest and longest of dives.

Furthermore, Merino™ is exothermic, meaning that it releases a measurable amount of heat as it draws water across its fibers. It is almost as though the suit were equipped with its own heat generating source. Merino™ offers other benefits to divers as well. In addition to the added warmth created by the lining, it is more comfortable and helps to reduce odors. Merino’s™ super soft
composition and incredibly fine fibers not only eliminate the itch often felt with other wools, but they actually help to reduce the rashes often experienced in high-action areas, such as under the arm and behind the knee. Additionally, because Merino™ creates very little surface friction, it allows a suit to slide on easier than any other that you’ve ever tried, particularly when wet. Merino’s™ excellent moisture absorption properties and uneven surface structure prevent the build-up of bacteria, whereas bacteria thrive on the exposed flat surfaces of synthetics. Many odors and infections that affect divers are borne of bacteria. Merino™ protected suits tend to stay fresher smelling, especially on dive trips, when thorough washing may be infrequent. It is far more resistant to abrasion and “Velcro-attack” while also reducing the ability for soil particles to stick to your suit’s lining. Merino™ dries faster than traditional wetsuit linings, so after-dive care is easier than ever.

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