Bare 5mm Velocity Mens Hooded Diving Wetsuit Vest 003143-RYL-S 122232

Mfg Part #: 003143
Super-Stretch Material
  • Attached hood
  • 100% Super-Stretch throughout the entire suit will stretch 200% more than standard neoprene
  • Heavy-duty diagonal zipper front zip with sealing flap
  • Can be worn over other suits for added warmth
  • Better fit and mobility, due to its super stretch capabilities
  • MENS COLORS: Black with Royal Blue Accents
  • MENS SIZES: Large-Short


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Questions and Answers for Bare 5mm Velocity Mens Hooded Diving Wetsuit Vest:

  • Gina:

    I am diving off of Capetown in July. I have a 5mm wetsuit and need to purchase a hooded vest for extra warmth. First, is it best to wear the wetsuit underneath the hooded vest or vica versa? How should each piece fit depending on the way it is layered? The wetsuit I have is too large because I have lost weight (40 pounds less). Depending on your recommendation, I may need to buy a new wetsuit as well.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Gina, when it comes to wearing the hooded vest it is all diver choice. Some divers like to wear it on the outside of the suit or some like to wear it on the inside. If you do not buy a new suit for the trip since its to big for you. You could wear this on the inside to take up some added space. But with this certain vest most people wear it on the outside of the suit because of the zipper.

  • Chris:

    Has this vest ever been used. Can I get size large. Please elaborate on the condition of vest.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    All items are new and unused unless specifically stated in their descriptions. For information on sizing or availability, please contact our instructors at

  • Andrew:

    hi i am looking to get a 1 piece 5mm wetsuit to snorkel in the moderate waters in the atlantic off cape breton, ns during the summer and fall also i would like to purchase a hooded vest to put over this wet suit during the winter spring months. my biggest concern would be ensuring i keep my head warm during the colder periods... as i am on a budget i figure the wetsuit/vest would be the best option. what hooded vest would you reccomend? would the 5mm of neoprene on my arms and legs suffice for the colder periods?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Good morning, this is a great vest/hood combo. A 5mm suit would be enough for snorkeling since you are on the warmer surface and exerting energy keeping you even warmer. Also when you have a vest attached to the hood there are less gaps for water to enter in and out, cooling you down.



A progressive-stretch vest, which layers perfectly with a 7 or 5mm full suit, that provides additional warmth.


THE RIGHT STRETCH IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Progressive stretch is a concept only available in the Velocity series. It all starts with BARE-Fit, which is the foundation of every BARE suit. BARE-Fit uses ergonomic suit design involving complex shaped patterns with articulated arms and legs. From there, zones associated with performance within the suit are selected. Then, proven fabrics are chosen from various prototypes that have been tested for years. By placing the different fabrics in particular panels of the suit, the VElOCITY series delivers exceptional fit, feel and performance.


Layers perfectly with the 7/6 or 5/4 Velocity Full
Attached 5mm vented hood with 3mm skin-in face seal
Skin-in seals around the shoulders
Heavy-duty front zipper
Double glued with SECURE-LOCK construction


5mm Neoprene
Sizing Chart
Sizes: S, MShort, M, MLTall, MLShort, ML, MTall, LShort, L, LTall, XLShort, XL, XLTall, 2XLShort, 2XL, 3XL


FULL-STRETCH DONE RIGHT. Full-stretch suits are not new. However, a full-stretch suit that combines legendary anatomically correct patterning for a 3D shape, premium components like a colormatched G-lock zipper and superior construction and graphics, stops the press. The BARE ELASTEK wetsuit line utilizes the latest in neoprene laminates that provide uninhibited fl exibility and stretch with a silky-soft feel that won't be felt in any other suit. Place the BARE ELASTEK side by side any competing wetsuit and you will not only be able to feel the diff erence, you'll see it too.

Our suit has a 3D shape that demonstrates our dedication to craftsmanship, while the competition will look quite flat. This shaping is key in elevating your comfort and keeping stress loads on seams to a minimum. Take a closer look at the detailing of the ELASTEK: color-accented seams, glossy 3D inks, sublimated graphics, stainless-steel zipper pull, new and more flexible FORMTEK kneepads.the list goes on. If you are a diver that appreciates the details in design and desires unbelievable stretch, this is your next suit.

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