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When we were younger, we all learned that you lose a considerable amount of heat though your head. In the underwater environment, that issue still applies. Wearing a hood will give your head thermal protection from the cold, along with protection from coral and other sharp objects. Hoods are available in a variety of thicknesses. Dry suit divers have the option to wear drysuit hoods, hoods without bibs, while wetsuit divers prefer hoods with large bibs. These bibs tuck into the wetsuit and minimize water movement. Other common hoods have skin-in seals that prevent water movement and vents to allow air trapped in the hood to escape.
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Dive Hood  |  Surf/Swim Hood
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Body Glove 6.5/3mm Diving Hood

Body Glove 6.5/3mm Diving HoodCustomer reviews


  • 6mm hood/3mm broad bib
  • 3mm "skin-in" face seal
  • Vaporlock seams
  • Face seal allows for easy trimming
  • Flow vent to minimize air trapping
  • COLOR: All Black
  • SIZES: 2XSmall through XLarge
Ocean Quest 6oz Premium Lycra Diving Hood Add $13.99
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X5 Accessory Hanger $12.95

Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer $56.99

Spare Air Pack $259.95


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Dive Hood  |  Surf/Swim Hood

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