Pinnacle 5mm Neo Titanium Velcro Gloves GL12UBK11 021582


Mfg Part #: GL13UBK

Pinnacle 5mm Neo Titanium Velcro Gloves

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Customer Reviews for Pinnacle 5mm Neo Titanium Velcro Gloves:

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Rating: Great glove
Reviewer: sandi m.
I actually bought these because I clean pools in the winter. My hands stay warm and dry. The only downfall for me, is the grip factor. Its not a grip that helps me keep hold of my pole. I may not use them the way they were intended, but they work better than I couldve hoped. Would definitely recommend.

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Rating: Great Gloves!
Reviewer: Rick Walker
I do a lot of diving in Floridas springs, and after having my hands begin to get a bit numb, I decided that they needed some insulation of their own. These gloves work great! Theyre thick enough to keep my paws protected, but thin enough to still be able to feel important things like the shutter button on my camera, and the power switch on my dive light. The gripping texture is exactly that... Gripping. Wet or dry, it doesnt matter. The sizing chart was spot on, and the gloves fit perfectly.

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Rating: Hands stay warm
Reviewer: Christa Harris  -  View all my reviews
My hands were cold diving with other gloves. Have not had that problem with these gloves. Pretty flexible for the thickness. Palm does not have any grip, which is okay unless you are trying to pull on something like a rope.

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Rating: sweeeeeeeet!
Reviewer: Matthew W.  -  View all my reviews
I love em! Theyre comfortable and functional too. If youve ever forgotten your gloves on a cold water dive you will appreciate the neccesity of a good pair of gloves. These are perfect for those cold dives.

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Rating: Velcro gloves
Reviewer: dennis d.  -  View all my reviews
I found that in using these gloves, the velcro closure would not stay closed and kept flapping around on dives, but as the gloves were snug enough, they did stay on ok

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Questions and Answers for Pinnacle 5mm Neo Titanium Velcro Gloves:

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Versatile, warm, and flexible gloves that are great for temperate and cold water diving.

• 5mm titanium-lined throughout
• All seams glued and blind stitched
• Visa palm material is rugged, flexible, and allows good grip
• Velcro™ wrist strap with rubber grip tab holds glove securely closed

• Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL.

Independent testing performed by the British Textile Technology Group in London, England found that a wetsuit lined with Merino™ is 35% more thermally
efficient than a wetsuit made with a traditional lining. Under the new CE testing guidelines, all of PINNACLE’s Merino™ lined suits achieved the highest possible ratings for insulation effectiveness. This proves that PINNACLE’s Merino™ lining system is a superior insulator.

Furthermore, Merino™ lined wetsuits are not as affected by depth as most wetsuits. Any neoprene wetsuit will compress to some extent as a diver descends and the ambient pressure becomes greater. A 7mm suit will become a 5mm suit and a 3mm suit and so on as a diver goes farther down the water column. As the suit compresses, the insulation value of the rubber decreases, and water inside the suit is squeezed out into the environment. Thus, the inherent warmth of the suit itself becomes of lesser value. In traditional wetsuits, with water flowing in and out of the suit, this means that the wetsuit system’seffectiveness is tremendously impaired as the diver leaves the surface.

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