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Henderson 7mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Diving Gloves

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Henderson 7mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Diving Gloves Customer reviews see below

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Customer Reviews for Henderson 7mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Diving Gloves:

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Rating: Aqualock review
Reviewer: Jason G.
Simply amazing "locking" system. As much as the choice and fit of a wetsuit is a personal thing, the aqua-lock system delivers. Theres no slippage of gloves, boots or hood giving a snug and not slack feeling of security and comfort. Loads of sizing possibilities meant I was able to choose a wetsuit that fit me personally...oh, and 7mm - VERY warm! I dive at altitude and in glacial waters quite comfortably with Hendersons 7mm suit.

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Rating: Expensive but Great Gloves for Cold Water
Reviewer: Larry Chin  -  View all my reviews
I am a golf ball diver, diving 6-10 hrs/day, 4 days a week. I have spent a small fortune in various gloves looking for something to keep my hands warm in low 50 deg water. The Hendersons are the best, they have kept my hands warm and functional even during 3hr+ dives. I do not have a Aqua Lock system on my wetsuit sleeve. I do wrap a 1.5" velcro strap or 4" wrap around the proximal opening of the glove to restrict cold water flushing in and out of the glove (this is actually minimal on these gloves, but quit substantial on others)...esp important on extended dives...when working on hookah, I am usually down for several hours/dive. On sizing, I typically wear a large, but on these I use a medium-you want a snug fit to minimize excess water in the glove (but obviously the fit should not be so tight that it restricts circulation which will also make your hands cold). The material is very stretchy which makes it comfortable and provides a surprising amount of dexterity - but at 7mm thickness probably difficult to operate a camera. The lining makes it easy to slip into when dry. When wet, I smear some baby shampoo on my hands, and slide into the gloves easily. That trick works on boots, wetsuits, etc, (I use baby shampoo as a mask defogger so I always have a bottle). I do wish these gloves had a kevlar palmar and finger surface for better durability as they are too soft for bug diving. I typically wear out gloves in about 2 weeks when working. In order to make these last, I paint high wear areas with Performix Plasti Dip. This is the stuff you dip tool handles in, you can find it in your local hardware store. Use the gloves first, in areas of wear/abrasion paint about 3 layers of the Plasti Dip - you are going to lose some flexibility and there may be some small shrinkage where you paint this stuff, so dont go too crazy, later, touch up as needed.

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Rating: At Last a Decent Pair of Gloves
Reviewer: Charles E H.  -  View all my reviews
i wear 7 ml gloves in cold water with either my dry suit or 7 ml farmer john and tunic combo. an instructor, im usually the last one to gear up after helping everyone else and im sick of gloves that are impossible to get on and next to impossible to get off. henderson has solved my problem with the 7 ml aqua lock hyperstretch gloves. easy on, easy off warm, and good tactile features, my only complaint is that i didnt buy them sooner.

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Rating: 7mm Gloves
Reviewer: Jason B.  -  View all my reviews
They worked well. I was looking for 7mm gloves that still gave me dexterity. These work good enough. kept my hands warm in 57 degree water. Like any glove, tough to get on if they are damp. The Aqua Lock function of the glove does not work unless you have Henderson Aqua lock suit, which I dont. Still worked well with minor water seeping in at wrist.

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Rating: Henderson 7mm Aqua Lock gloves
Reviewer: brian e.
I have been blown away by the performance of the Henderson Aqua Lock Hyperstretch gloves. I dive deep in cold lakes and need warm gloves that are tough. These are the best Ive used and I think Ive used them all. 38 degree water and my fingers are still toasty. They are really easy to get on and off and seem to dry really quick too. Very impressed!

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Rating: Great Gloves
Reviewer: Cliff Lewis
Super thick and super warm gloves. I was diving in 53 degree water and was quite happy with them. Super easy to get on one glove, but, the other glove was heck getting on. The gloves are super nice but you do lose a lot of dexterity with your fingers/hands. But, when your hands are warm...all is well.

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Rating: Best 7mm Gloves
Reviewer: Daniel Helman  -  View all my reviews
These gloves fit snug and keep the fingers warm. The Hyperstretch fabric is great as are the proofed seams. Great product.

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Rating: Perfect
Reviewer: Andrea Fritzsch  -  View all my reviews
My son loved the gloves - they fit perfectly and are great quality

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