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Henderson Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves

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"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!"
  • 7mm Titanium Hyperstretch
  • Titanium material for superior warmth
  • Slides on like silk
  • Hyperstretch will stretch 200% more than standard neoprene
  • The ultra soft and flexible Titanium Hyperstretch neoprene wraps your hand like a second skin
  • The glove does not utilize or require zippers or velcro to provide a secure fit
  • The result is a warm, soft and flexible glove that will not fatigue your hand and provided maximum dexterity and tactile sensation
  • SIZES:
    • 7mm Medium only


And the reviews are in:
"...feels as if it were custom made" -California Diving News

7mm 2XSmall


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Customer Reviews for Henderson Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves:

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Average Customer Review: based on 67 reviews.

Rating: Love em!
Reviewer: Jennifer Stoutamore,  - View all my reviews
I do a lot of cold water diving for work (40-50 degree water) and need a lot dexterity on top of somthing that will keep my hands warm. This is the third pair of these gloves Ive ordered and Ive become addicted to them. My hands stay toasty warm and the neoprene is so stretchy I can easily and gently pick up even the smallest item. My hands dont get tired from glove squeeze in these as they have in other gloves. The only down side is that theyre not the most durable gloves Ive ever worn. The comfort and warmth make up for any lack of duribility and I would recommend these gloves for anyone who wants their hands to stay warm throughout the day.

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136 out of 293 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves
Reviewer: Renee Galloway,
My twelve year old son has a skin condition caused by salt water. This condition begins with the first layer of skin peeling, then the second and finally down to the third layer leaving the skin on the tips of his fingers often raw and bleeding and very painfull. We have tried everything until I came across the Hyperstretch Titnium Glove from the site. These gloves are water proof eliminating any possible moisture. Since my son is an advid fisherman, he can now continue to be outdoors enjoying his favorite sport without the worry of his fingers becoming affected by the salt water. He is a happy young man because of these gloves. Also, because of the fact that U.S. Coastguards use these in their missions makes my son feel so important! Thank you for offering this great item on the site! Renee` Galloway Port Charlotte, FL

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38 out of 74 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves 3MM
Reviewer: Craig G.,
Great fit - light and comfortable. I purchased the gloves as to protect hands as well as marine life from accidental touches. Although these have not yet been tested in salt water, we feel they will suit their purpose very well.

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36 out of 75 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Warm, Feels as if you have nothing on at all...not work gloves
Reviewer: Scott Michael,  - View all my reviews
You can tie knots and push buttons with these or their 5mm brothers. There is almost no water transfer and the grip is great. The only warning is that these are light to medium duty gloves and if you use them for heavy work you WILL have to replace them frequently. As long as you are the average recreational diver these gloves are really nice

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252 out of 557 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great gloves
Reviewer: Gayle W.,  - View all my reviews
love these gloves! the length is nice so you dont really let any water in the sleeves of your wetsuit they are flexible and makes it easy to move your hands and fingers and provide a good grip. one of my best scuba purchases in a long time.

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171 out of 356 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Motorcycle riding?
Reviewer: Travis Bolton,
Actually bought these gloves for riding my motorcycle in the rain... and got the chance in Idaho last week... they are well made, fit good, comfortable, and did the job. They are a good alternative to using so called "waterproof" motorcycle gloves that arent, much easier to put on when your hands are wet, and keep you warm in the rain, have good grip... I would buy again... Im sure they are excellent for diving too...

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86 out of 160 people found this review helpful.

Rating: love the glove!
Reviewer: Lee L.,  - View all my reviews
The water up here is cold and these gloves work great for that. They are easy to get on and keep the fingers and hands nice and toasty! An added benefit is that when the lobsters get ya, the gloves help cushion the bite!

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140 out of 283 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Paul ( Buffalo NY )
Reviewer: paul gorenflo,
very warm even in water temps of 42, plus the taper on the back end of the glove protects my dive watch from bring damaged, you can wear it tucked under or like I perfer over the wetsuit both ways keep your hands warm and seal the wetsuit tight.

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84 out of 164 people found this review helpful.

Rating: 5mm Hyperstretch gloves
Reviewer: Don S.,
Just like all the rest of the Henderson Hyperstretch line. Easy to don and remove. Very good product and highly recommend. If you are diving in 60 degree water or above you may want to use the 3mm for better dextarity but either are great. I own them both and each have their place. Well worth the $.

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98 out of 184 people found this review helpful.

Rating: winner in all categories
Reviewer: Orlando C.,  - View all my reviews
True to size, stretches well for easy donning (dry or wet), not as bulky/thick as typical 5mm neoprene gloves yet remains snug to keep you warm. Dexterity is better than typical 5mm gloves, and you can wear a dive watch over the glove over the wetsuit and still have it fit without cutting circulation to your hand. For $37 and free shipping, this is a bargain! Wish I bought this instead of settling for my original gloves which are just a few dollars less yet is bulky, awkward, has no dexterity, doesnt allow for wearing a watch, and is difficult to put on and take off. This ones a keeper. I got one for my wife as well and she loves it.

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218 out of 389 people found this review helpful.

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