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Mfg Part #: 423942
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  • Allows the user to load pneumatic spearguns safely and easily
  • New multi-functional loader for shafts fitted with spear tips multiprongs
  • Features barbs for unscrewing the valve cover cap
  • Can be inserted in loader seat opening in the handles

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423942 - Clever Long Loader

New multi-functional loader for shafts fitted with spear tips or multiprongs.

Loader also features tabs for unscrewing a pneumatic gun valve cover cap.
Long version of the Clever loader that allows the user to load long-length pneumatic spearguns safely and easily.

Code: 423942


Never load, unload or fire your speargun out of water. Know the total
distance your shaft can be propelled underwater. Never shoot the
speargun where you cannot see, or in the direction of other people
or stationary objects. Violation of these warnings could cause the
speargun to wound you or someone else causing severe injury or

if there are any cracks in the plastic. Using a loader with the above
wear can allow the spear to break through the loader and could
result in severe injury.


1) Check the shaft and line retainer to be assured they are working properly

before loading.

2) Make sure your spear tip is tightened securely.

3) Before entering the water, wrap the shock line around the line release
at the handle then around the line holder at the nose cone until slack is
used up. Secure the shaft by placing the rear of the shaft in the hole in the
trigger guard, then snap the front end of the shaft into the shaft holder on
the nose cone .

4) Move the safety bar to the 'safe' position prior to loading, by rotating it
downward towards the trigger. Only when you are ready to shoot should
the safety bar be moved to the 'fire' position, by rotating it upward away
from the trigger. The CYRANO speargun features a patented safety bar
system which, when in the 'safe' mode, mechanically blocks the trigger and
prevents finger access to it. Be sure to check the operation of the safety bar
periodically. With the speargun unloaded, move the safety bar to the 'safe'
position. In this mode the trigger should not be able to be depressed. the
trigger should only be able to be depressed when the safety bar is moved
to the 'fire' position. Do not load or use the gun if any sign of malfunction

5) In surf entries, load the speargun only once you are beyond all
turbulence. In boat entries, load the speargun only once you are out of all
turbulence and away from all divers and the boat.

6) Remove the loader from the handle. Support the handle of the gun
against your thigh or foot, depending on the length of the gun.

Grasp the gun by the nose cone  and insert the shaft
into the gun, being sure that the shaft is centered in the muzzle. Avoid
inserting the shaft at an angle which may cause internal damage to the
gun. Place the loader over the spear tip and push the spear straight down
the barrel of the gun until it latches. If your spear shaft becomes bent
replace it. Do not attempt to force it into your gun as this can lead to
internal damage.

7) After the gun has been loaded, the shock line should immediately be
wrapped. Take the shock line at the shaft end and wrap it around the line
release at the handle then around the line retainer on the nose cane until
all line is used. The elastic expansion should be one the last wrap and will
provide the necessary tension to keep the shock line in place.



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