Mares Cyrano 850 Rigged Speargun .. 413109.085US 041203

Mfg Part #: 413109
  • Brand New & completely redesigned 'Rigged' with shock cord and buggie
    Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model  
  • Free Carrying Case
  • Designed for heavy penetration
  • Made from black anodized aluminum
  • A World class pneumatic speargun
  • Fast and highly accurate firing
  • Harmonic Stainless Spring Steel Shaft (7MM Thick/7MM Male thread)
  • Hydrodynamic Line Retainer and Retaining Line
  • Shock Line
  • Technopolymer shock-absorber bushing and piston
  • Recharging Pump
  • Tahitian style shaft
  • Shaft Loader
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 34 inches
  • SHAFT LENGTH: 33 inches

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  • mark:

    was looking at the Geronimo elite what do you think of that

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Mark, when you are looking at gun size. You want to take into account what size fish you are hunting. The larger the gun the bigger fish you can shot, just cannot shot the smaller fish and vice verse.

  • Quinn:

    Can this spear cobia

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, I don''t see any problem using this gun on a fish this size.

413109 - Cyrano

The Cyrano speargun combines the power characteristics of a pneumatic gun with manageability and extreme shaft speed. Highly sensitive release mechanism. Ergonomic handle with a soft insert. The 85, 97 and 110-cm sizes are fitted with a 7-mm tahitian Race shaft. The other lengths are fitted with a 7-mm shaft with a threaded tip.

All with power adjusting system
Product Details
Code: 413109
Length: 34" (shaft 33")

Product Features

11mm internal barrel: This Mares patent has revolutionized the way the world sees underwater pneumatic spearguns.

The decision to use the internal barrel, where the piston slides, with a reduced 11mm diameter, makes the weapon very easy to load, propels the shaft at high speeds and provides superior power and accuracy.

Superior accuracy: Special innovative technical solutions give these spearguns an accuracy that further exceeds all other products on the market. Ongoing comparison tests and the leading Mares technologies available helped achieve this result, along with valuable contributions from our engineers and top athletes.

- Positive buoyancy when the shaft is removed. Except CYRANO 550.
- Anatomic handle in combined stiff-soft material.
- Power regulating system.
- Side line release (patented).
- Fluorescent viewfinder.
- Fast-hook shaft holder.
- Hydrodynamic cross-tied line hole.
- New safety bar (patented).
- Technopolymer shock-absorbing piston and bushing
- Anatomic loader in the handle (patented).
- Head with large drain ports.
- Positive buoyancy when the shaft is removed.
- Harmonic steel ø 7 mm shaft (also available in the Tahiti model).


All Mares CYRANO Pneumatic Spearguns are supplied from the factory with
compressed air. The air originally introduced into the speargun is recaptured
with every shot and not dispersed when the shaft is released. The amount
of compressed air the spear gun contains depends upon the amount of air
pumped into it

The air contained in the tank is introduced through the inlet valve) with
the use of an appropriate pump. When the shaft is loaded, the piston
is moved down the barrel , thus further increasing the air pressure, until it
engages the catch hook. When the trigger is pulled, the piston is released
by the catch hook. The expanding compressed air propels the piston the
length of the barrel, thus propelling the shaft. The piston is stopped at the
barrel head , ready for reloading. Mares has taken its pneumatic spear gun
performance another step with the CYRANO Line. Years of research and testing
jointly with the Institute of Mechanical Technology of the University of Genoa,
Italy, have led to the exceptional performance of the CYRANO spear gun. The
internal diameters and compression ratios were optimized so that the CYRANO
spear guns now outperform traditional spear gun efficiency by more than 15%
(Mares patent).


1) Important: do not start by loading the shaft.
2) SHOCK LINE - The shock line is packaged independently, unassembled
along with the elastic expansion ring.
Assemble as follows:
a) Tie one end of the shock line to the line retainer on the shaft .
b) Slide the shaft into the muzzle of the gun until it touches the piston.
Important: do not load gun now.
c) Wind the shock line at least twice, from the line release on the handle to
the line holder on the nose cone.
d) Approximately 12 inches from the line holder on the nose cone, tie the
elastic expansion ring to the shock line leaving approximately 4 inches of
slack line in the center of the ring .
e) Thread the remaining end of the shock line through the line holder on
the nose cone. Pull on the loose end of the shock line until the elastic
expansion ring has expanded approximately ¾ of an inch. Tie the shock
line to the nose cone maintaining this tension .
f) Attach your spear tip by screwing it on (except Tahitian shafts).


Never load, unload or fire your speargun out of water. Know the total
distance your shaft can be propelled underwater. Never shoot the
speargun where you cannot see, or in the direction of other people
or stationary objects. Violation of these warnings could cause the
speargun to wound you or someone else causing severe injury or
1) Check the shaft and line retainer to be assured they are working properly
before loading.
2) Make sure your spear tip is tightened securely.
3) Before entering the water, wrap the shock line around the line release
at the handle then around the line holder at the nose cone until slack is
used up. Secure the shaft by placing the rear of the shaft in the hole in the
trigger guard, then snap the front end of the shaft into the shaft holder on
the nose cone

4) Move the safety bar to the 'safe' position prior to loading, by rotating it
downward towards the trigger. Only when you are ready to shoot should
the safety bar be moved to the 'fire' position, by rotating it upward away
from the trigger. The CYRANO speargun features a patented safety bar
system which, when in the 'safe' mode, mechanically blocks the trigger and
prevents finger access to it. Be sure to check the operation of the safety bar
periodically. With the speargun unloaded, move the safety bar to the 'safe'
position. In this mode the trigger should not be able to be depressed. the
trigger should only be able to be depressed when the safety bar is moved
to the 'fire' position. Do not load or use the gun if any sign of malfunction
exists (Fig. 3).
5) In surf entries, load the speargun only once you are beyond all
turbulence. In boat entries, load the speargun only once you are out of all
turbulence and away from all divers and the boat.
6) Loading.
Remove the loader from the handle. Support the handle of the gun
against your thigh or foot, depending on the length of the gun
. Grasp the gun by the nose cone (see Fig. 6) and insert the shaft
into the gun, being sure that the shaft is centered in the muzzle. Avoid
inserting the shaft at an angle which may cause internal damage to the
gun. Place the loader over the spear tip and push the spear straight down
the barrel of the gun until it latches. If your spear shaft becomes bent
replace it. Do not attempt to force it into your gun as this can lead to
internal damage.

7) After the gun has been loaded, the shock line should immediately be
wrapped. Take the shock line at the shaft end and wrap it around the line
release at the handle then around the line retainer on the nose cane until
all line is used. The elastic expansion should be one the last wrap and will
provide the necessary tension to keep the shock line in place

1) While still under water, visually check the area thoroughly and when you
are sure no one is in firing range, place the safety bar in the 'fire' position
and with the barrel parallel to the surface above, discharge the gun by
depressing the trigger.
Your Mares CYRANO Pneumatic Speargun is an exceptionally powerful and
accurate speargun. By following the recommended care and maintenance
procedures it will provide you with many years of trouble-free use.
1) Thoroughly rinse your CYRANO speargun and shaft, especially around the
muzzle and power adjustment lever after each use with fresh water.
2) Check your loader for wear, replace if necessary.
3) If your shaft becomes bent replace it. Do not attempt to force it into your
gun, this can damage the gun internally.
4) Your CYRANO speargun should be stored in a dark cool place. Do not
expose your speargun to heat or direct sunlight.
5) Make sure the power adjustment lever is in the maximum power position
when storing it.

HANDLE UP POSITION. This allows oil in the barrel to keep the piston
lubricated while not use. Small amounts of oil deposits can be expected
to appear at the muzzle end.

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