JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun 4D46TC 041174

Mfg Part #: 4D46TC

JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun

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  • Free travel carrying case included
  • Breaks down into a smaller model for ease of use in more confined areas
  • Semi-hard travel case
  • Made from clear anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel trigger
  • Spear tips single barb and double barb with break away head
  • Two different shaft lengths: 24" and 48"
  • 2 9/16" x 14"Slings for the smaller model spear gun
  • 2 5/8" x 25" Slings for the larger spear gun
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 65" (long) / 37" (short) 
  • RANGE: 24/12 ft

Customer Reviews for JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun:

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Rating: jabbo says
Reviewer: Geoffrey Garden  -  View all my reviews
awesome gun. Two in one with plenty of power!

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Rating: JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun
Reviewer: Ethan Bond
This is a GREAT value gun. Light, accurate and versatile. for a traveling spearo, ths is definately worth considering. In 24" cut down mode it does lack power, and so be careful you dont hit the gill plate or you might watch your fish swim away. Fortunately in full size mode it is light enough for quick target aquisition and has plenty of stopping power in the 40 lb range - havent tried it on anything bigger yet. The only real criticism is that you need to make sure you keep checking the spear tip and spear sections as I found that they came lose more often than other spears I have used. Take spares!

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Rating: JBL Travel Magnum Combo
Reviewer: David McChessney
Very easy to set up. Gives me options when planning my next dive trip. Everything you need to bring home dinner is included in this package. Very pleased. Thanks

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Questions and Answers for JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun:

  • Louis:

    How long is the system in travel mode inside the carrying case?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The case is designed to hold the gun disassembled in its short mode. Approximately 38"

  • shaun:

    I have the 4D46TC, owned it for 12 years or so & now the alimimium tubes are beginning to erode & crack at the screw holes . Can I get replacement tubes ...the main JBL site has the triggers, shafts , heads etc but I dont see tubes??? Cheers, Shaun

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Would would have contact JBL directly, we do not carry those replacement parts. http://jblspearguns.com/new/contact

  • Andrei:

    Hello, What are the part numbers for the spares? Spear tips / shaft? Im asking this as this would be my first speargun and i need to know what else do i need to buy for spares! Thanks

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Andrei, the rear section part number is 721-S, front 7427SA, and the Custom part is 724-SA.

Product Description
Inspired by hardcore hunters in the Pacific, the Travel Magnum is all about shooting fish. It’s two guns in one; fully assembled as a 55” Magnum for large game, or as the smaller 31” Custom for reef and rock hunting. The combo comes complete with padded carrying case. One thing is certain: with either of these guns you’re going to have a stringer full of fish at the end of the day.

Features of the Travel Magnum include:

1 1/4' aircraft grade aluminum barrel with TRU-GLIDE rail track for accuracy. Body measures 55'/ 31' without shaft
5/16” heat treated stainless steel shaft with Tri-cut Break Away point or single barbed Rockpoint (Shafts: 721-S/7427-SA/724-SA) (Points: 823/ 825)
Three 24' x 9/16” bands (224) and Two 14' x 9/16” bands (214)
All aluminum construction for bomb proof durability.
Integrated float chamber
American Made

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