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JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun

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JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun Customer reviews see below

  • Free travel carrying case included
  • Breaks down into a smaller model for ease of use in more confined areas
  • Semi-hard travel case
  • Made from clear anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel trigger
  • Spear tips single barb and double barb with break away head
  • Two different shaft lengths: 24" and 48"
  • 2 9/16" x 14"Slings for the smaller model spear gun
  • 2 5/8" x 25" Slings for the larger spear gun
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 65" (long) / 37" (short) 
  • RANGE: 24/12 ft

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Rating: jabbo says
Reviewer: Geoffrey Garden
awesome gun. Two in one with plenty of power!

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Rating: JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun
Reviewer: Ethan Bond
This is a GREAT value gun. Light, accurate and versatile. for a traveling spearo, ths is definately worth considering. In 24" cut down mode it does lack power, and so be careful you dont hit the gill plate or you might watch your fish swim away. Fortunately in full size mode it is light enough for quick target aquisition and has plenty of stopping power in the 40 lb range - havent tried it on anything bigger yet. The only real criticism is that you need to make sure you keep checking the spear tip and spear sections as I found that they came lose more often than other spears I have used. Take spares!

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Rating: JBL Travel Magnum Combo
Reviewer: David McChessney
Very easy to set up. Gives me options when planning my next dive trip. Everything you need to bring home dinner is included in this package. Very pleased. Thanks

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350 out of 741 people found this review helpful.

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