Cressi SL Speargun 22´´ SL with Reducer FS361500 041123

Mfg Part #: FS361500
  • World class pneumatic speargun
  • High visibility red trigger catch
  • Ultra light weight models for excelent shooting
  • Contoured butt for comfort
  • Shaft loader
  • Complete line slider
  • Pneumatic gun pump
  • Standard spear harpoon head
  • Cadnium shaft
    • 55 SL/Star
      • Length: 22 inches
      • Range: 9 feet

Customer Reviews for Cressi SL Speargun 22´´ SL with Reducer:

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Rating: Cressi 24SL with reducer
Reviewer: Jeff Park
Good spear gun, have used the gun three times last year, i have the spear attached with a coil line, others have recommended using a cord, but i normally look to shoot near point blank range so the trajectory deviation is minimal. I initially thought there was a problem with the gun while reloading, but i was not using the loading handle. Once i started using the handle, the reloading issues went away. I have only bagged smaller fish 2-3 feet, but believe that the 24SL has the power to bag bigger and thicker skinned fish like Tog. I would recommend this spear gun for recreational users.

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Rating: Cressi SL Speargun 24 SL with Reducer
Reviewer: Douglas H.
On the negative side the pump that comes with the spear gun does not come with a protective cap. On the positive side the spear gun is easy to load and resecure the string and is quite powerfull even when the reduceer is on. I look forward to years of good service.

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