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Scubamax Glow-In-The-Dark Wrist Dive Slate

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Customer Reviews for Scubamax Glow-In-The-Dark Wrist Dive Slate:

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Rating: Scubamax Wrist Dive Slate
Reviewer: Scott M.,  - View all my reviews
I do like the idea of the slate, I just need to find a better pencil. It works but with the harder lead it makes a faint line. I want to try a softer lead pencil to see if it can be read easier. I do like that it comes with o-rings, I somehow knocked one off or caught it on something and was thankful for having more. I might have to play miniture golf...

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Rating: Great find
Reviewer: Terry Donoghue,  - View all my reviews
Great item. Love that it in the dark

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Rating: Wrist slate
Reviewer: todd n.,  - View all my reviews
Good slate but the strap tends to slide. Replaced it with a bungee line setup much better. The slate itself is perfect for instruction or big groups/large conversations. Concerned about the o-rings fo rthe pages over time but those are cheap so they can eaisily be replaced.

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Rating: Cant understand what your buddy says?
Reviewer: nathan gonzalez,  - View all my reviews
Im an adaptive diver and only have the use of one arm. As a result communication is a must with my dive buddy. My only complaint is that the strap is too loose. I simply just tied a knot in it to shorten the strap. Other than that, it was easy to write on and see underwater. Having multiple pages is great to have certain stuff already written before the dive. It does come with additional o-rings and extra pencil. It real handy for communicating and having on your wrist frees up room on your BCD.

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Rating: One size does not fit all
Reviewer: Jonathan A.,
Glow-in-the-dark wrist dive slate is like wearing an ironing board if you happen to have small or even medium-sized wrists. My wrist and forearm being medium-sized, I have to wear the slate on my leg - thigh, actually - so it doesnt slip around.

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Rating: Great to beable to communicate underwater
Reviewer: Mark Kaczmarek,  - View all my reviews
I have used this slate on multiple dives know and it continues to be the best communicator going. With the three slates, I can keep inportant information (like turnaround or starting pressure, dive profile, etc) and still use the other two slates to communicate or take notes. I do wish however that the there where two arm bands to tighten, then just the one. The contour keeps it positioned properly on the arm, just slides down the arm on occasion when I havent cinched the strap tight enough.

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Rating: Added mirror
Reviewer: Jody Cline,  - View all my reviews
To help my wife keep track of me while diving we glued a mirror on the top slate, there is still room to write on it and the other blanks are under also. Slate cleans easy and helps underwater with communication, we will prewrite some things ahead of time.

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Rating: wrist slate
Reviewer: trent f.,  - View all my reviews
slate works great, lots of pages, seems well made

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Rating: Glow-In-The-Dark Wrist Dive Slate Glow in the Dark Slate only
Reviewer: Daniel Talbot,  - View all my reviews
Best slate ever

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Rating: great add on
Reviewer: craig richey,  - View all my reviews
So nice to have to keep track of times and also to make notes for things you want to talk about later

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