Trident Lithium Long Lasting 9 Volt Battery DL90 031104

Mfg Part #: DL90
  • Extremly long lasting battery life - 5 times longer than alkaline batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries
  • A 10-year service life

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Rating: Lithium Rules!
Reviewer: James Moore  -  View all my reviews
The manufacturer is Ultralife Batteries Inc. The part with the "10 year" life was delivered as "best used before 2015" but new in original sealed bag. Voltage upon opening the bag was 9.925v as measured by a Fluke 189 multimeter. Life testing has not begun yet but the $9 price is competitive with other lithium batteries Ive seen. The package shows discharge curves comparing the Ultralife to an alkaline battery at 30 ma drain to 7.5 volts, 31 hrs vs. 7 for the alkaline. There is furious development going on in lithium cells, including rechargeable technologies (THIS BATTERY IS NOT RECHARGEABLE). Energy density is far superior to NiCd and NiMH and there is said to be no "training effect" as with NiCd. They are also starting to appear in high end electric cars as the preferred battery technology. Lithium cells contain no mercury, lead or cadmium and are therefore safer for the environment.

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