Hollis Spare Replacement Scooter (DPV) Battery 250.1202 230242

Mfg Part #: 250.1201
  • Replacement battery for Hollis Underwater Scooters
  • Available for H-160 and H-320 (26A/h) - LiPo scooters
  • Power:
    • For H-320 Scooter: (26A/h) - LiPo
    • For H-160 Scooter: (16 A/h) - NiMh

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Questions and Answers for Hollis Spare Replacement Scooter (DPV) Battery:

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CAUTION: The batteries for the H-160 and H-320 are not interchangeable.
The internal electronics of each vehicle model are of a different design.
Interchanging the NiMH and LiPo batteries will damage your Hollis vehicle.

For NiMH Version:

NiMH batteries will need several charge and discharge cycles before they will deliver their full burn time rating. During the first two or three cycles the burn times may be shortened, however after a few cycles the batteries will perform normally. It may take a few more cycles before they have been conditioned enough to reach peak performance. NiMH chemistry suffers from a high discharge rate, up to 10% day after the initial charge. High temperatures also affect this, both ambient and internal battery temperature which means keeping out of direct sunlight is critical
It is not recommended to leave the battery connected to the vehicle for longer than 48 hours if not in use. This could over-discharge and damage the battery pack. If storing for prolonged periods of time, be sure to charge the battery pack every 2-3 months to ensure a conditioned pack and to avoid damage
Please see your instruction manual for more detailed information


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