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XS Scuba 95/108/119/120/121/199/130 Cf Steel Tank Boot

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  • Durable Molded Construction
  • Self-draining tank boots protect boat, decks, pool tile and bottom finish of tanks
  • Stand cylinders upright
  • Drainage prevents corrosion under boot
  • 8.00 inch tank boot
  • Works with Low Pressure Tanks: 95/108/121, High Pressure Tanks: 120/199/130 or X-Series Tanks: 119/130
Black 8.0 Steel

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Customer Reviews for XS Scuba 95/108/119/120/121/199/130 Cf Steel Tank Boot:

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Rating: Tank Boots for Faber 108/112 LP Steel Tanks
Reviewer: Paul Hope,
I bought these boots for my two Steel Faber-108/112 LP tanks that I had purchased without boots. After reading other customer reviews on this site, I decided to purchase these boots and they fit great. The boots are 8" diameter and they fit real snug, although, they could probably benefit from being a little deeper. These particular boots also have the bottom ribs that prevent the bottom of the tank from protruding below the bottom of the boot. This is a must for this particular design of round bottomed tank. A boot without these bottom ribs would simply not do, as the bottom of the tank would protrude causing the tank to be unstable when standing. All in all, great boots for tanks that are difficult to find boots for.

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Rating: Steel tank boots
Reviewer: Gary F.,
These tank boots work perfectly with my steel Faber 108,s that I use for sidemount. No tipping issues like other tank boots.

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28 out of 54 people found this review helpful.

Rating: 8" Steel Boots
Reviewer: Conrad F G.,
Purchased these OMS boots for a Faber 8" 117cf HP steel tank because the OE boots were trash and there were no aftermarket specific replacements. The boots are great , they tend to be about 1" too short in the side walls and dont give an excellent seal around the circumference of the tank but are 200% better that the OE rubber boots and with a round bottom tank , better than nothing at all. Somewhere someone will look at this issue and produce a replacement aftermarket Plastic Hex Tank boot for these tanks that actually fit snug and correct. In the absence of that, these OMS boots will certainly do the job.

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Rating: Tank boot
Reviewer: Richard J.,  - View all my reviews
Fits good and does the job it was meant to.

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Rating: Bob O
Reviewer: Bob O.,  - View all my reviews
This came with tha tank. And you know, a boot is a boot,is a boot. Well at least it stays on the tank.

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Rating: Tank boot.
Reviewer: Max Witzler,  - View all my reviews
It is a must have as the bottom of my tank is round. It works well.

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Rating: Steel tank boot
Reviewer: Alfred Garren,  - View all my reviews
The boot doesnt quite have enough inside lip to keep the domed bottom of my Faber 117 steel tanks from touching the ground but it is a big improvement over the lame rubber ones that came on the tank.

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