Zeagle Transfiller Yoke Adapter 330-6050 042309

Mfg Part #: 330-6050
  • Used to transfer air from a standard Yoke valve to any tank with a Zeagle RaZor Valve installed
  • Quick disconnect cylinder attachment

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Rating: Zeagle Transfiller for Razor
Reviewer: Michael M.
Works as expected. Very compact but with that it can be awkward to use. As with many Zeagle products it is pricey but happy to have it.

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Transfiller Yoke
Fills RaZor regulator from SCUBA cylinder yoke valve

The Zeagle 330-6050 Transfiller (Fig. 1) can be used to transfer air from a standard Scuba Yoke Valve to any cylinder with a RaZor Reg/Valve Installed.

The Transfiller has a Yoke on one end and a stainless steel Quick Disconnect on the other end.

Between the Yoke and the QS fitting is a knurled collar that is used to bleed off excess pressure when the fill is finished. To shut the bleed off, turn the knurled collar as far as it will go in either direction. When you are ready to bleed off the air trapped in the Transfiller at the end of the filling proceedure, turn the bleed collor back to its loose position.


The QD fitting on this Transfiller also fits most Paintball gun storage gas bottles used today.

Attaching the Transfiller to the Source Bottle

Fig. 2 shows the Transfiller attached to a standard Scuba Yoke Valve.

The collar on the QD Fitting is pulled back to allow the Transfiller to be coupled to the Filling Probe on the RaZor Reg/Valve. When the collar is released, the QD Fitting will firmly hold and seal the Filling Connection.

Before filling, make sure that the knurled bleed collar is closed by turning it fully in either direction (See Fig. 3).

To Fill, the Scuba Tank Valve is opened. If the air pressure in the Scuba Tank is greater than the pressure in the RaZor's tank, then air will open the check-valve in the RaZor and begin flowing into the RaZor's tank. When the sound of moving air stops, the Scuba Tank Valve is shut and the Bleed Collar on the Transfiller is turned. This will allow air pressure to escape from the Transfiller and it can then be removed from the QD Fitting on the RaZor. The waterproof Cap is then replaced on the Probe of the RaZor's QD fitting.

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