Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks TB601 042273

Mfg Part #: TB601
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  • Durable Molded Construction
  • Octagonal rim to help prevent your tank from rolling 
  • Self-draining tank boots protect boat, decks, pool tile and bottom finish of tanks
  • Stand cylinders upright
  • Drainage prevents corrosion under boot
  • For 7.25" Diameter tanks
  • Fits: Aluminum 63 and Aluminum 80 Tanks

Customer Reviews for Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks:

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Rating: Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks Review - Scuba Gear Reviews
Reviewer: Raymond Jury
This is cheaper than. Other Dive suppliers well made just fits right

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Rating: Good strong foot
Reviewer: Nancy Castro
When there are kids around it comes in handy. Good quality. Fit perfectly.

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Questions and Answers for Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks:

  • Kenny:

    I have 2 Sherwood Aluminum 80s and cant seem to get the boot on. Is there anything special I need to do to put it on?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Tank boots are designed to be snug and not come off. It always will seem the new boot is too small for the cylinder. So long as the aluminum 80 you have is a 3000 psi tank and not one of the compact/neutral buoyancy 80's (that service to 3300psi) what you'll want to do is hold the tank by the valve about 6 inches above the boot. Make sure the boot is on a solid surface such as the garage or a patio. Drop it down onto the boot, holding onto the valve of course so as to not let the tank fall. This should be enough force to start the tank into the boot. At that point you can pick up the tank and drop it gently a few times until the boot is completely seated.

  • Wayne:

    Aluminum 80s are 7.25 in diameter. How much bigger is it with a boot?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The boot adds about 5/16 to the diameter.

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Aluminum tanks are cost efficient, long lasting, and readily available, which is why they are easily the most common scuba diving tanks in the world. Lighter than steel tanks, aluminum dive tanks are easier to transport and swim with, giving your shoulders and arms a break on long treks.

Because of their light weight, some aluminum tanks will begin to float at the end of a dive, once the oxygen supply is nearly depleted. To combat this, it's common to counter-weight an aluminum dive tank with approximately 4 pounds. However, 'Compact Neutral' aluminum tanks are made with thicker walls, which increase the weight and help to counteract the positive buoyancy problems at the end of a long dive.

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