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Oceanic Vortex V-6 Full Foot Fins

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"Scuba Lab Testers Choice and Best Buy!"
  • Nature`s Wing propeller technology provides the ultimate performance and comfort
  • Creates less strain on the leg muscles
  • Provides more speed than conventional paddle blade fins
  • Constructed of Evaprene for increased performance and long life
  • Ideal for warm water
  • Outstanding course speed
  • Provide smooth and strong thrust with effortless kick

And the reviews are in:
"Outstanding" -Scuba Lab
"This fin is an amazing propeller fin. The fin is marketed as a warm-water snorkeling fin, but it will also work for scuba diving in warm water. This fin scored near the top for all fins on speed runs." -Scuba Lab



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Customer Reviews for Oceanic Vortex V-6 Full Foot Fins:

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Rating: oceanic vortex v6 fins
Reviewer: scott sayer,
These fins were purchased after a discussion with a scuba.com specialist. My problem for years was finding comfortable full foot fins for my wide foot. I can report that my problems were solved with the V6 fins. The size 11-12 actually fit my 10 wide foot perfectly, without the side toe pressure I had been living with previously. They also have better control and fatigue less than other fins, and stayed on my feet well. I rate them a good value for such a well fitting and performing set of fins.

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19 out of 35 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great fins for warm water
Reviewer: Joseph C.,  - View all my reviews
Purchased these fins for recent trip to St. John. Snorkeled everyday. They were light weight, comfortable and had all the power I needed to kick to the bottom and chase fish all day. Just a tad stiffer than the Aeris Velocity I purchased for my son. Both great fins.

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71 out of 142 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Runs small!
Reviewer: Ronald J.,
I usually wear a size 10 mens shoe so ordered the 9-10 sized fin, but they are so tight as to be impossible to get on! Since we are on an extended holiday, I couldnt send them back so had to borrow larger fins for the duration of our vacation. So disappointing! My wifes fins fit fine and she had worn them comfortably on all our excursions. Ron Johnson

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66 out of 135 people found this review helpful.

Rating: New diver: Oceanic V6 full foot split fins review.
Reviewer: Chad W.,
I bought these fins to replace the Aeris velocity full foot fins. I used the Aeris fins for one dive trip and also about 6 months doing a mile or more nonstop, 3 to 5 days a week keeping in shape at the community pool. The back of the heels split on me but they still work. I did get a lot of good use out of them. The fins worked nicely, producing good propulsion with less strain on the quadriceps. The Aeris velocity fins feel a bit light weight and flimsy compared to the Oceanic V6 split fins. The V6 have stiff rails down both sides of each. The stiffer fins are more work on the quadriceps, they are harder to kick but seem to give more propulsion per kick, so I believe fewer kicks gives the same distance in the same amount of time. They are pretty fast, probably faster than the Aeris fins in short sprints but Ill probably tire quicker. More testing to come. The rubber at the back of the heel is quite a bit thicker so Im hoping Ill get more use out of the V6s. So far I like them but will need to adjust these sturdier fins as they are harder to push. I tried the Oceanic full foot "Viper" (not a split fin) before hand and gave them away immediately and ordered the V6s. Too much effort to kick, very stiff and no angle. Harder on my ankles and quadriceps. So far I really like the Oceanic V6 fins. I swim at least a mile nonstop 3-5 times a week for endurance, to help me in the ocean current, lower oxygen use and keep in shape so Im ready for my next dive trip (Bonaire I hope)!

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68 out of 138 people found this review helpful.

Rating: vortex v-6 dive fins reasonably priced,terrible service
Reviewer: antonina g.,
I purchased these fins for my trip to Cozumel because of the lite wait.It is what i expected .Served the purpuse. Just like to make few comments about this website.I placed my order in December 2011 to have everything arrive for sure before my trip to Cozumel in February 2012.First email from website i received 10 days after order placement and it informed me about back order on one of my items.Promised shipping time was mid-january(My credit card was charged immediately after order placed in December).After i checked billed amount it was much more than advertised.After 4 calls to Scuba.com billed amount was not adjusted and now i had more items on backorder .Shipping date was changed to the end of January.After more then unpleasent conversation with customer service(they are just scuba instructors) i was able to cancelled backordered items and they shipped what they had in wearhouse.Because of lost time i was not able to reorder everything from different website. 3 more phone calls got me my money back on cancelled items and refund on overcharged items.will never shop here again.

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65 out of 135 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best Dive Fins Ive Tried Yet
Reviewer: Dov M.,
Moved to Belize 4 months ago, and Ive gone through a number of fins, most of which dont fit me very well. I typically wear a 9-10, but in a European size 41-42, which are harder to find, and most tend to be either too short in front or too loose in the heel. The Oceanic Vortex fins both fit perfectly, and give great propulsion for snorkeling. Very happy with the purchase.

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98 out of 195 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Lived up to their good ratings
Reviewer: Charles B.,
I wanted a pair of easy to use fins primarily for snorkeling in South Florida. Warm water, clear reefs, and occasional underwater hunting. I have been a certified diver for over 40 years and have gone through a lot of the fin and equipment development. I just finished a week in the Keys with a chance to really test the Oceanics and now I am ordering a pair for my wife to replace her old Planas. The fit was comfortable, no feet cramps and plenty of speed with scissors and dolphin kick, particularly the later was especially easy to do with these. Sizing is very important and happily mine fit out of the box.

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103 out of 205 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Fins
Reviewer: William S.,  - View all my reviews
These surprised me by how easily they kicked for speed and yet were great for maneuverability. Not too big, not too small and really comfortable, make sure you go down at least a size since they tend to run big.

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157 out of 303 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best travel fin!!
Reviewer: Stephen Lopez,
I use a size 11 1/2-12 shoe and the XL fit perfect. Super efficient in the water and very comfortable. All this in an easy to pack fin!!

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14 out of 28 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Service
Reviewer: Steve G.,   
We ordered the full foot fins for my wife and they were just a bit to big, I got online with one of the great inside sales people at Scuba.com and with in a few seconds he had checked to insure that the next size smaller in stock and they were shipped that day. You can not beat that kind of service anywhere. The fins work great

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187 out of 358 people found this review helpful.

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