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XS Scuba 106 Cubic Foot Aluminum Hoop Wrap Tank

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XS Scuba 106 Cubic Foot Aluminum Hoop Wrap Tank Customer reviews see below

XS Scuba Standard Tank Carrier Tank ADD $19.95

Tank Mesh Protector Fits HP Steel 80, 100, 120 or Aluminum 50, 60 or 80 $7.95

7.25´´ Octagon Tank Boot for 106 Hoop Wrap Tank $12.95

Din Valve Plug $12.50


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Rating: So you want air!
Reviewer: Charles Passmore
This is a great way to have a comfortable cushion of air supply. It is lighter than most 3,000psi 80s and yet with 106 CF @ 4350 psi you have a margin of safety that only to my knowledge this tank provides. It is great for spearfisherman with a dive computer for those bounce dives when you go deep and the fish are not there. Alot of my buddies have to carry extra tanks to get maximum safe bottom time. Sadly most of the dive shops in my area cant give you a full fill Tarpon Springs. But 3800 beats anything else out there!

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