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Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins

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Customer Reviews for Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins:

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Rating: Aqualung slingshot fins
Reviewer: Les S.
More of a plus then I thought. Fit and function are excellent

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Rating: Sling Shot Fins
Reviewer: Rodney Wallace  -  View all my reviews
Thanks to’s recommendation I purchased the Aqua Lung Sling Shot Fins to replace my aging Force fins. I went to the Force fins many years ago to avoid foot and leg cramps. The Force fins work on somewhat the same principal as the Sling Shot fins. The Force fin blade expands and increases resistance on the power stroke and gives the energy back on the return stroke. When I first used the Sling Shot fins with a setting on 1 I was very disappointed. I had no power and the fins were squirrely on my feet. But on the 2 setting the fins came alive. They felt like the Force fins only with a lot more power. On setting 3 they are even more powerful but with more strain on my legs. It’ll take more time in the sea to determine which is the best for me. Again thanks to

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91 out of 174 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Fins
Reviewer: John Jerrehian  -  View all my reviews
My wife bought her set first. I never could keep up with her. Finally, I tested her fins with two other sets I had. In every test they were the fastest, most comfortable fins. Adjustable too. They are great to dive with.

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95 out of 198 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Amazing
Reviewer: Daniel Phoebus
Finally after 4 years of trying to make up my mind of I want to but a fin this expensive I finally bought it. Only regret is I didnt buy it sooner.

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41 out of 84 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins:

  • John:

    My wife has the Aqualung slingshots. I plan to order but the sizes have changed, (she has regular). I have a size 9 foot. Do you have these in stock, (black/silver) as we are going on a trip and need by 6/25 at the latest, (Sarasota, FL). Thank you, John

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Mens 8-11 (MD) would be the correct size.

  • John:

    Im a male and wear a size 11-11.5 shoe...what would be the appropriate size for me in the Slingshot fin?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Each item on our site will list the sizing, if applicable, in the options dropdown box. With open heel fins, they take into account that you will be wearing a boot with them, so no adjustment in size is needed. You always purchase using your normal sneaker type shoe sizing. In this case you'd wear the XL size.

  • Tim:

    How does these compare to the Mares X-Stream fin? After 3 years I am looking to need to replace my slingshot fins

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Tim, the Slingshot fins will have a better snap to your kick which in turn will give you better power. The X-stream will be a lighter and give you better performance then the Slingshot fins.

  • david:

    looking to buy the slingshot fins mens size to 11. can you tell me the overall length of these. want to make sure they fit in my luggage

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello David, depends on the size but no more then 26".

  • Carol:

    My husband uses a frog kick and was wondering if these fins would be good for him? We looked at split fins and were told the y do not work well with a frog kick.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Carol, yes these fins would do very well for your husband using the frog kick. He will get a better snap to his kick with these fins.

  • Bennett:

    Hello, i have a size 9.5 diving boots, could i take the slingshot fins with the diving boots? and what would be the appropriate size for me in the Slingshot fin? thanks.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Bennett, wearing that size boot you are going to want to order the size 8-11.

Aqua Lung is excited to offer Slingshot - a revolutionary fin that will take the dive world by storm. The Slingshot will make diving more comfortable, efficient and fun. Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joint that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience.

Power Bands
Pure silicone Power Bands are loaded with energy on the power stroke. They release their energy prior to the upstroke to provide an added boost of power

Instead of wasting your energy, you accumulate it and reclaim it! Power bands lessen fatigue and add thrust

Gear Shift
3-speed Gear Shift customizes your speed to effort ratio to fit the specific conditions of your dive
Three different settings are available
Easy to shift during the dive, even with gloves

Mid-foot Flex Joint
The blade is attached to the foot pocket using two Mid-foot Flex Joint
This takes the strain off of the toes and the top of the ankle. The result is a dramatic improvement in comfort

You can now use the entire foot to power the fin rather than just the front half of the foot

Provides the blade a significantly larger range of motion, often up to 5 times that of a conventional fin

Fin Care and Maintenance
Care Before and During the Dive

Avoid standing your fins on the tips of the blades for any extended period of time.
Avoid hot temperatures and hot surfaces as these can damage the fin.
Avoid placing the fins in a car trunk on hot days as the temperatures inside car trunks can exceed the temperature tolerances of the fin and the blades may distort.
Care After the Dive:

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and towel dry before final storage.

Store in a cool, dry and protected place out of direct sunlight.

Avoid any contact with alcohol, oil, gasoline, aerosols, or chemical solvents.
Do not expose any part to aerosol spray, as some aerosol propellants attack or degrade rubber and plastic materials.
Do not use any type of alcohol, solvent or petroleum based substances to clean or lubricate any part.
Do not store your equipment near any oil, gasoline, chemicals, or solvents.

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