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Omega Amphibian Adjustable Strap Flip Fins

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Blue Mens 3-5/Womens 4-6 (S)


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Customer Reviews for Omega Amphibian Adjustable Strap Flip Fins:

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Rating: Great Fins and Straps
Reviewer: John Fernald,   
I wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with the idea of folding fins. Makes moving around the boat safer and for us older divers, a lot easier getting on and off of the boat. These factors are major considerations in rough water conditions, which are frequent enough here in Molokai, Hawaii. These fins should be paired with the "Ez Spring Fin Straps" (SKU # 012073). These straps make removing your fins, in or out of the water, a breeze.....also great for us old divers. All in all a great product.

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Rating: seems to work!
Reviewer: James Moore,  - View all my reviews
I had to try these after a fin induced groin pull. They do allow normal walking when flipped up and the sole plate is remarkably non-slip compared to some other fins (I think some additional siping cuts in the tread with a Dremel tool might be better. The fin clicks into the locked position on about the first kick and behaves like a paddle fin after that. It is fairly easy to release the latch with the other foot against the bottom (of the pool). I think some practice might allow this move on the boarding ladder too which would complete the theoretical usage plan. These fins have the additional feature of a huge foot pocket, XL big enough for my drysuit boots (as well as Stealth wetsuit boots with their big soles) I look forward to the introduction of a split flip fin, solid rubber, I hope, like an Apollo Biofin or Oceanic V12.

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Rating: Good Buy
Reviewer: R J S.,   
Fins are great for shore diving and ok for boat diving. I would recommend locking down the fins before entering from the boat in heavy currents. Overall they are a good buy if youre looking for new dive toys to show off to your buddies.

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Rating: Flip fin debut
Reviewer: William C.,
Fins are like shoes when you walk, and like fins when in the water, cant move very fast up the ladder though, until you get all the way out of the water, then theyre KEWL!!! I was told that I looked like the "Predator" while I was walking around showing them off. I tried on another set of old style fins and felt like a cave man,,, kinda primitive. I havent had the flip fins very long, but so far theyre a lot of fun. As far as being functional, I really cant tell if theyre any better, or any worse than average, but it sure is nice to be the first one in the water while everybody else is fiddling around putting fins on. Thank You, Bradly

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Rating: Incredible
Reviewer: Brian Simmons,
I am new to scuba diving but really love these fins. My open water certification class was held in a pool with 12 other people and my instructors loved my fins. I will be surprised if many of them dont end up with them. They made moving around the pool and the skills so much easier. I have since taken them to some of the local lakes just for snorkeling and it is amazing when I get to the island I am swimming for I just walk up on the beach while everyone else is fighting their fins and trying to take them off. Incredible product!

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Rating: Envy of the dive boat
Reviewer: Andrew Black,  - View all my reviews
If you are a shore diver or a boat diver these are for you. There is nothing like being on a dive boat and having to waddle to the edge with all of your gear. When I put these on and walked around the boat helping the rest of the group don their gear I was the envy of the boat. They have good grip on the soles and snap into place easy. When shore diving they are a little tricky on rocks and have a little more resistance walking in and out of the water. Good propulsion properties moved well even in swift current all around a good buy highly recommend.

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Rating: Nice!
Reviewer: Adam McDermott,  - View all my reviews
I like this idea. No adjustment what so ever just a spring. For me it fits just right. For thick gloves it would be nice to have a bigger loop to pull on while taking the fins off.

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Rating: Omega Fins
Reviewer: Michael Marinelli,  - View all my reviews
Great fins!! Walk like a man! Easy to kick into position and easy to manuever. The addition of spring straps is the perfect accessary. Thank you.

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