Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins. 410014.SASBL 014379

Mfg Part #: 410014

Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins.

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  • 20% to 40% better air consumption than traditional paddle fins - Scuba Lab 
  • Creates less strain on the leg muscles compared with traditional fins, reducing the diver's fatigue and subsequent air consumption
  • Innovative hydrofoil design that produces forward motion (lift) with less effort
  • New age elastic material with ridged reinforced double layered construction
  • Split-fin technology provides the ultimate performance and comfort
  • ABS (Adjustable Binding System) Fin Buckles - one finger release
  • Improved Speeds Underwater
  • Reduced Effort Reduces Air Consumption
  • Provide smooth and strong thrust with effortless kick
  • Flexible Rubber Membranes to Channel Water
  • COLORS:  All Black, Blue with Black accents
  • SIZES: 6 through 13

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Customer Reviews for Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins.:

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Rating: Mares Raptor split fins
Reviewer: Sean Lewis
love, love, love my new fins and best of all is the price that offered these at and the delivery time was just fantastic. I have made 20 dives this since the 26th May 2014 and they are so comfortable.

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Rating: Love these fins!
Reviewer: Leanne S.
I purchased a set of these fins for both my husband and me. The split fin design really assists in effortless swimming. Easy on and off. Unfortunately my husband lost one of his fins and had to go back to his old fins for a few dives...that was all it took to repurchase another set!

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Rating: Great Fins... effortless!
Reviewer: Bruce W.  -  View all my reviews
After using traditional fins I decided to change to split fins. I was amazed at how effortless they were to use... small light kicks provided great propulsion. They were also easier to turn around in tight spots with. Only 2 small negatives... The first is that if you are using a thick boot and large size then it can be a tight fit into the fins even in XL size... that said it wasnt uncomfortable. Secondly Im disappointed that Mares charges so much for their steel spring straps. I cant really fault the rubber ones that come with the fin they are easy to use. Id happily recommend these fins

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Rating: Split Fins
Reviewer: Greg M.  -  View all my reviews
I have wanted to try split fins for quite a while. I am very happy with my purchase of the Mares Raptor fins.

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Rating: Mares Fin review.
Reviewer: Michael Knopf
very nice well built well designed but they are a little too heavy to travel with.

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Rating: Raptor Split fins
Reviewer: James Pepin
Nice fins, no problems yet

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Rating: Excellent fins for a great price
Reviewer: Timothy C.
After my trip to Bonaire, I decided I needed to do something to help increase the efficiency of my air consumption. Did some swift research on the web and discovered the split fin designs and the potential gains that I was looking for. Purchased a set of these, and have tried them during some pools sessions over the winter, and they definitely seem to have helped with both air consumption, and with how stressed/fatigued my legs feel afetr a dive. Havent tried them on a caribbean trip yet, but will try them on my Roatan trip that is coming up, and expect they will more than satisfy.

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Rating: Nice fins
Reviewer: James N.  -  View all my reviews
Bought these for my wife and daughter, they seem to like them, they dont have the same thrust as a solid fin but use less effort to kick them.

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30 out of 56 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Straps
Reviewer: Doug Leitch
I have just received the straps and they are great. The deleivery time was fast and they were half the price than here in Canada. Very good product and I would recommend purchasing them from

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88 out of 181 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Excellent product
Reviewer: Johnny rivera  -  View all my reviews
Theese are great I highly recommend them.

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Questions and Answers for Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins.:

  • Paul:

    I presently have a pair of Mares power Volos. Will I notice any more power or control if I switch to these split fins? Also, my Volos fins are 7 years old. Will the newer straps on the split fins easier to use ( this is the only gripe I have with the Volos). Should I spring for the bungee straps?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    It really wouldn't give you much more power or control compared to the volos. We do sell the different mares fin straps individually.

  • Dillon:

    Do these fins have the possibility to upgrade to spring straps or are they only compatible with the Mares bungee straps?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, you can use either one. Bungee or spring straps.

  • Becky:

    I own the mares raptor split fins with adjustable strap size small for women. Ive made the strap as tight as it goes but still have a problem with the back rubber slipping off my dive shoes while diving. Therefore I find myself constantly adjusting the fins while diving. Will spring straps keep the fins on better?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Becky, yes I find that the spring strap work better then the adjustable strap when it come to making the fin fit better in the back.

  • Amy:

    Do these fins come with the ABS Plus buckles?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Amy, yes these fins do come with the ABS buckle system.

  • Martin:

    Im looking to buy split fins for my girl, she is a size 9... She lives in southern cali and will be doing beach entries so I will be getting her 5mm booties with a thick soul... One comment raised concerns about tight fits on larger booties. The size recommendation is for small, but Im wondering if I should size up to accomodate the boot. Thoughts?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The fins are typically sized taking into account the use of a hard sole boot by the manufacturers. Their advice is to always purchase a fin based on the normal sneaker style shoe size the user wears and do not adjust. The only exception I've found is if the user wears a size 9.5 and the fin size ranges are something such as 7-9 then 10-12 for example. The 9.5 person has to choose between very snug or very loose or, of course, choosing a different fin. In that case the boot sole and thickness would become a consideration.

  • Robin:

    What is the overall length of these fins? Im looking at a size small.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Robin, the length of a size small is 26"

410014 - Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Fins

Mares applies its world class Fin R&D to split fin technology

• Nature’s Wing technology
• Whale Tail design great power
• ABS Plus buckles

Raptor uses an advanced design and combination of materials to create the highest performance split fin ever. The Raptor's design including the Whale Tail foot pocket for maximum energy transfer delivers the maximum thrust and efficiency in the split fin category.

Product Details

Code: 410014
Colors: bl-bk-yl
Sizes: S-R-XL
Blade: 38cm
Weight: 1.14Kg
Material: Thermoplastic rubber/Technopolymers

Product Features

ABS Plus Buckles: These unique, patented buckles are the most simple and easy to use buckles available in the market. It only takes one quick movement to easily open or close the buckle, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The double button release prevents the buckle from accidentally opening.

Open Heel Foot Pockets: The open heel foot pocket is designed to accommodate dive boots with a sole, and to offer excellent adherence between the boot and the foot pocket in order to transfer all the force exerted by the leg to the blade, without sacrificing yield yet still ensuring superior comfort.

The lower section of the foot pocket is longer, in order to better transfer power to the blade and minimize the risk of cramping. In addition, the inside of the foot-pocket features internal ribbing to improve fit and stiffen the sole.

Available for shipment only to the United States, Canada and Caribbean addresses

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