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Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins...

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins... Customer reviews see below

Scuba Lab Testers Choice!

And the reviews are in:
"The Bio-fin Pro Yellow is a bonafide speedster, and real neck snapper off the mark."
"One out of two fins rated Excellent in the power vs. stress ergo category (the other was the Apollo Bio Pro XT), this is also the only fin test divers rated Excellent for acceleration" -Scuba Lab
"powerful, yet comfortable-it virtually form-fits to foot... Zero resistance at high speeds" -Scuba Lab

" It's 100% natural rubber construction provides a butter-soft foot pocket that feels molded to your foot. It's the only fin in this year's competition to earn an excellent rating for comfort. But while it may fit like a favorite slipper, it doesn't behave like one. The Bio-Fin Pro Yellow/C-Series outraced all comers on the speed test, muscled top score out of the thrust test and easily dusted the competition on both the slalom and efficiency courses. When test divers took it out for some real-world diving, it dominated there too. Generating snorkel bending acceleration, stability at high speeds and a nimbleness that had everybody talking, this pliable fin racked up the highest total ergo score. As the only open-heel fin rated excellent for power, for acceleration, for its efficiency with alternate kicks, as well as for comfort, it's easy to see why the Bio-Fin Pro Yellow/C-Series is this year's top overall open heel fin. " -Scuba Lab


Click here for a video sample of the revolutionary bio-fin

Click here for schematics on the World's most Revolutionary fin!


w/ Steel Spring Strap ADD $50.00

Bio Fin Strap $24.00

Scuba Divers Duffel Bag $39.95

Single Bio Fin Steel Spring Strap $85.00


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Customer Reviews for Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins...:

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Rating: Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap fins
Reviewer: Deborah Coltun  -  View all my reviews
OMG, started diving late (50) and always had some trouble with leg cramping. Finally decided to look into Bio Pro after seeing them on a dive master on liveaboard. Bought a lovely PINK pair on sale, but at the price wouldnt go for the steel straps until Id given the seemingly expensive fin a trial. Just got back from a week in the Bahamas...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these seemingly expensive, heavy (on land, in the delivered box from UPS) fins. Great power with little effort, no weight in the water, super control and, most importantly, NO CRAMPS all week, not once, even loosening the adjustable straps to remove prior to climbing back aboard. Cant wait to get the spring strap, at any cost. FYI, Im 57", 160 pounds, not a photographer, carry 18 pounds. Really researched this, waited, wore many cheaper fins and actually thought I was buying something else. The APOLLO BIO PRO rocks!!

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Rating: I feel like an otter
Reviewer: Christine R.  -  View all my reviews
These fins are so effortless to swim in. I was having ankle pain with my previous stiffer fins and these resolved all my issues.

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