Apollo Bio Pro XT C-Series Fins with Stainless Steel Spring Straps 155-12-76-000 014195

Mfg Part #: 150-92-76-000
Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • XT = Xtra Torque
  • Increased control and added leverage
  • Instant pivoting and turning
  • 20% to 40% better air consumption
  • Reduced Leg Stress & Exertion
  • Improved Speeds Underwater
  • Improved surface swimming efficiency
  • Reduced Effort Reduces Air Consumption
  • Quick release, quick-adjust buckle makes adjusting a snap
  • COLOR: Metallic Black
  • SIZES: 9 through 13 (Regular - Large - Large-long)

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And the reviews are in:
"The undisputed king of the flutter-kick speed course, the fin also smoked the competition on the dolphin- and frog- kick runs. It was also the fastest fin around the slalom course." - Scuba Lab
"this fin is a rocket. Love the strap... Easy to make small maneuvers. ...Great fin! This spring-loaded strap is a revolutionary breakthrough. Very comfortable foot pocket" - Scuba Lab

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FEATURES AND BENEFITS Bio-fin pro & Bio-fin pro XT

Precision engineered for optimum speed and comfort. 20°angle and 100% rubber are unique to Apollo's split-fin design. Your body will barely register the effort but you are definitely moving... and moving fast!


Stainless steel spring strap factory installed
20° angled blade for a fin shape that works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee - very low strain
100% rubber material for optimum weight and flexibility
Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy use, and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
Increasing durometer to 75 rather than changing base material creates a stiffer blade that retains a high degree of the comfort and performance found in our original bio-fin pro.
Increased control and added leverage for technical divers
Works as well or better than paddle fins with any kicking style
Foot pocket is open at the toe for added comfort
Sizes: m, l, and xl (LL) Color: Charcoal Gray

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