Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins 150-92-76-000 014192

Mfg Part #: 150-92-76-000

Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins

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Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • XT = Xtra Torque
  • Increased control and added leverage
  • Instant pivoting and turning
  • 20% to 40% better air consumption
  • Reduced Leg Stress & Exertion
  • Improved Speeds Underwater
  • Improved surface swimming efficiency
  • Reduced Effort Reduces Air Consumption
  • Quick release, quick-adjust buckle makes adjusting a snap
  • COLOR: Metallic Black
  • SIZES: Medium, Large, and Large Long

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And the reviews are in:
"The undisputed king of the flutter-kick speed course, the fin also smoked the competition on the dolphin- and frog- kick runs. It was also the fastest fin around the slalom course." - Scuba Lab
"this fin is a rocket. Love the strap... Easy to make small maneuvers. ...Great fin! This spring-loaded strap is a revolutionary breakthrough. Very comfortable foot pocket" - Scuba Lab

Customer Reviews for Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins:

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Rating: Apollo Bio Pro XT Split Fins
Reviewer: Joe H.  -  View all my reviews
I recently purchased some new fins. I tried them out in St. Croix, USVI. I found that the first day I had somne cramps in my calves, but after that, they performed great. I belive that the issue was that I was trying to power my way through the leg stroke. I alos tried just moving withing my body envelope, but that did not give very much thrust. The technique that worked best for me was keepin gthe thighss straight and moving the calves enough to allow for a push from the fins. This gave a lot of power with very little effort. There was a great amount of control and not much extra effort. I opted for the spring straps which makes donning and removal much easier. The boot pocket seems big when trying them on, but it worked fine in the water. I would recommend these fins.

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Rating: Worked like a charm
Reviewer: Robert L Hatfield
These fins took a little getting used to, but once I figured the kick out, they were fabulous. Used them twice a day in St. Croix, frequently with strong current, and they moved me through the water with ease. No feet or muscle cramps. The spring straps are a breeze and a must. I used to use a pair of heavy scuba pros, and I think the stiffer option on these fins helped me make the transition. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

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Rating: heavy duty fins!
Reviewer: Alan M.  -  View all my reviews
Ive been using light weight, flat fins for years. Ive read about the split fin advantage but was unconvinced. I got the XT version after reading that they are stiffer than the normal split fin and that adapting to them would be easier. This turns out to be absolutely true! These are great fins and adapting to them was not a problem. Kick hard and you still get a nice push. Kick softly and you get almost as good of a push. After ten dives Im quite comfortable with them now. The only negative is that rotational control seems a bit less than with the old stiff fins, but thats a minor nit. These fins are HEAVY! ... compared to my old graphite fins. If you use ankle weights, you wont need them any more. I still need to adjust as I was finding myself bent at the waist while floating horizontal and the fin tips dragging in the sand. The steel straps are great, but not very tight. I keep hoping that I wont kick a fin off and loose it. I wear size 9 1/2 shoe and the L size is a bit loose. I think the standard plastic straps might be better since they are adjustable.

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Rating: Best Fins Ive ever used.
Reviewer: Scott Michael  -  View all my reviews
ill preface this by saying that the split fin technology used in these fins is licensed by natures wing to apollo, scubapro, atomic, tusa, oceanic, dacor, sherwood, beuchat and genesis. any of these manufacturers that claims to have a "secret" design that the other dont, is referring only to details such as materials, fins strap design, batten and rib design. the basic principles and operation of these fins is identical for all of them. potentially each of these fins will work about the same for you. the key is to determine which manufacturers products fits your foot and swimming style the best. my reasons for picking apollo fins was simple: - they are 100% rubber and as such weigh about twice as much as most fins. they keep my legs down and help stop my tendency toward bicycling when im tired. i also was able to shed a few pounds from my bc and id rather have the weight on my feet than my waist while standing on a dive boat. - being rubber they are very comfortable and feel like bedroom slippers. - apollo gives you a choice of stiffness (see their website for recommendations on ion). stiffer is not always the best choice. i chose an intermediate stiffness. - price: the price for apollos has tumbled about $45 recently to ~$155 atomics are considerably more expensive. - im not convinced that for the average diver, a small change in rib or batten design means that much...sort of along the line of the average golfer paying $350 or $1200 for a putter. it might might a difference for tiger woods but not for me. - the option for factory installed spring straps. ive always installed these as an after market item on my fins. the factory installed apollo straps are literally bonded into the fin. if you go for a regular adjustable fin strap the atomic strap is about the best ive ever seen, but once youve tried spring straps youll never go back. next, you must change your kick style to use any split fin effectively. you need a high frequency, low amplitude kick that stays within the slipstream of your body and tank. at first the decreased effort will make you feel as if your not going to be going very fast but youll soon realize that increased effort with your old slab fins doesnt always mean more speed. the first time i used them i was able for the first to keep up with my old instructor and his scubapro splits w/o any problem for the first time. for short all-out sprints, you feel as if youre flying over the reef. i also found that my air consumption and fatigue decreased, while my speed and comfort increased with split fins. remember, dont get pre-sold on any one brand before trying them on. i love my apollos and wouldnt give you 2 cents for my dive buddys atomics, but she feels the same way about her atomics and my apollos. finally, by their very nature split fins are a bit less maneuverable than slab sided fins. however the different kick style means that you disturb the bottom a lot less so i personally fell that its an excellent trade off.

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Rating: Excellent Fins
Reviewer: Gary Ault
I purchased my Apollo Bio Pro XT fins just prior to a dive trip to Utila. I found them to require an adjustment in my kick style to obtain full advantage of their design. Using a short flutter kick, I easily out distanced the dive group without any additional effort. They are fast and powerful as advertised. The stainless spring strap is wonderful and I will never go back to adjustible fin straps. Spend the money! I noticed it takes a couple of kicks to re-position when hanging over an object and trying to get another angle to get closer look. Current presented no problem for these fins and playing with the surge was fun. I have always been somewhat of an "air hog" (6 225 lbs)and found that my safe bottom time increased over previous similar dives. I would credit this to less expended effort as compared with my Mares Fins. I have recommended these fins for my wife. We are both Advanced open water, Nitrox certified, with about 50 dives. Buy the fins!!!

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Rating: Great Fins!
Reviewer: David B.
Just got the XT Bio-Fins with the spring straps. The springs were a bit more snug than I had expected but after a few dives I was used to them. Much easier to doff and don than traditional straps. I switched from Blades and really like the bio-fins - easy to adjust to the smaller, more rapid kicks, and worked just fine with alternative kicks and in current.

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Rating: Best Fin Available
Reviewer: gloria w.  -  View all my reviews
Initially used the black softer Bio fin and changed up to the grey Pro with spring straps. Much more control when you need to fight current or surges. Love the straps, so easy to put on while fighting surf or standing on a rocking boat at sea. Wouldnt use anything else for fins

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310 out of 614 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Professional Use
Reviewer: Kurt Kaner  -  View all my reviews
I would give the Apollo Bio Fin with spring straps a rating of FIVE stars. By far, these are the best fins I have ever purchased. As a Chicago Police diver I need a fin that I can put on quickly without the hassle of ajusting straps. Because the diving conditions vary from easy to complex I needed a fin that didnt take alot of effort. This fin covers all bases. The Apollo Bio fin propelled me through the water with alot less effort, and that equates to less air consumtion and fatigue. The last thing a public safety diver wants to worry about is his equipments effectiveness. The Apollo Bio Fin eliminates the fin thing. I have told and let my colleagues try my fins and one bought a pair the next day after using them. Again FIVE, FIVE, FIVE,.

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290 out of 571 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Fins!
Reviewer: Brian Fletcher  -  View all my reviews
The Apollo Bio Pro Fins are EXTREMELY comfortable! Easy to manouver and fast. Definetly my favorite split fins!!! I would suggest adding the "spring strap" for extra On/Off convenience... youll thank me later.

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329 out of 659 people found this review helpful.

Reviewer: Benjamin Howard  -  View all my reviews
I cant say enough nice things about these fins. They seem to be alot more durable than the regular BIO PROs. I have owned both the regular and the XT and like the XT better. More torque and more solid feel to the fin. I think they respond quicker than the regular fins. The regular fins are a littel easier to put on and take off and mold a little better than the XT but I still recommend the XT for the performance over comfort.

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310 out of 639 people found this review helpful.

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Questions and Answers for Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins:

  • nathan:

    i am looking to buy my first pair of split fins. I only starting out with less than 20 dives. as i am travelling i weight is a consideration. can advise what what i should be looking for when purchasing - whats the main difference in costs. - these look like a an amazing deal at 110 off. some people i know have the vortex v12 thanks in advance.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Nathan, the split fins I would suggest for you would be the ScubaPro Twin Jet Max Adjustable Spring Strap Split Dive Fins web link: http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-20/012288/ScubaPro-Twin-Jet-Max-Adjustable-Spring-Strap-Split-Dive-Fins.html.


20° angled blade for a fin shape that works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee - very low strain
100% rubber material for optimum weight and flexibility
Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy use, and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
Increasing durometer to 75 rather than changing base material creates a stiffer blade that retains a high degree of the comfort and performance found in our original bio-fin pro.
Increased control and added leverage for technical divers
Works as well or better than paddle fins with any kicking style
Foot pocket is open at the toe for added comfort
Easy quick release system with finger loop for easy access
Sizes: m, l, and xl (LL) Color: Charcoal Gray
NATO/National Stock Number 4220-66-152-2668

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