Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins 150-81-80-000 014181

Mfg Part #: 150-81-80

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins

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Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • Rated Best Fin Ever! by Scuba Lab - click here for more details
  • 20% to 40% better air consumption
  • Reduced Leg Stress & Exertion
  • Improved Speeds Underwater
  • Improved surface swimming efficiency
  • Reduced Effort Reduces Air Consumption
  • Quick release, quick-adjust buckle makes adjusting a snap
  • The ONLY fin using Nature's Wing technology (Split Fin) that comes in 5 sizes, for
    the best fit possible. All other manufactures that use Split Fin technology use only 4 sizes.
  • SIZES: 7 through 13 (Small through Large Long)

Boots Required - Click Here to Add Boots

And the reviews are in:
"A Top Fin (Highest Rating!)"- Diver Magazine
"These split-fins were not disappointing - they work. In fact, they're excellent." -Diver Magazine

Scuba Lab stated in their review:
"Best overall course scores. One of the most stable fins ever tested."
"STRENGTHS: Good range of sizes. Comfortable foot pocket. Ease of kick. Minimal muscle strain. High power vs. stress ratio. Highly maneuverable. Easy to don and doff.

Click here for a video sample of the revolutionary bio-fin

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Customer Reviews for Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins:

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Average Customer Review: based on 96 reviews.

Rating: satisfied customer
Reviewer: dusty rabatich  -  View all my reviews
having read reviews of split fins,with plus and minus reports,did not know quite what to expect.now wish I had purchased the Apollos sooner.easy maneuverability,comfortable.Find mysef having to kick more gently than with my previous fins,or leave others behind.highly recommend

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Rating: Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Dive Fins Yellow Mens 11-13/Womens 12-14 w/ Steel Spring Strap (LG)
Reviewer: Geraldine C.
First time using the spring straps, and once they were stretched over my rock boots a few times, they were easy to put on. This is my second pair of biofins and I would not dive with out them. My knees no longer ache afterward, my calves no longer cramp up, and more often than not, I am way ahead of my dive buddies during a kick out!

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71 out of 143 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Komodo
Reviewer: Stewart R.
Took my new fins to Komodo on a dive excursion and was suitable impressed no real exertion with these fins in some strong currents

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16 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

Rating: A helpful hint...
Reviewer: Terry J.  -  View all my reviews
All the other reviews about these fins are true, they work great. Although, I had to return a pair because I got a size too small. Go a size lager than your actual shoe size to account for the boots youll wear with them. I also found no need for the spring strap. Standard straps worked just fine.

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237 out of 490 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Fins
Reviewer: Brett H.
The Apollo Bio-fins have worked out great for me. They are the right balance between rigid design and flexability. You get great thrust with minimal work. I occassionally have to take a break so I dont get out ahead of my dive buddy. Ive gotten leg cramps with some other fins that Ive tried but these have been great. When I got my drysuit and needed a bigger pair of fins for the boots, I bought another pair of Bio-fins.

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179 out of 301 people found this review helpful.

Rating: excellent fins if you try em, youre gonna buy em!
Reviewer: Jeremiah H.
ive been a die-hard u.s. divers rocket fin diver since 1975. i didnt the claims of this "technological innovation" by apollo. but, i had the opportunity to try them out a couple of years ago, and i was very impressed with them. probably the hardest thing to get over, when you first use these fins, is how effortless they seem. theres so much less effort involved in the kick stroke, that you feel like you must not be doing any good, with respect to motion. but, when you see how fast youre going, youre shocked. i went out and bought a pair immediately (this purchase was a gift for a friend ive had mine for several years). i was getting ready for a dive on a dive boat, not long ago, when the divemaster leaned over and asked me to "hold back a bit" on the dive. he said, "youre the only one in the group with those fins, and if you dont throttle back a bit on your kick, the rest of the group wont be able to keep up with you". theres your endorsment, right there! one other comment several of the dive boats ive been on require that you take your fins off at the bottom of the ladder (or platform) and slide them over your arms so that you have your hands free, and can hold your fins at the same time. you cannot do this with "spring straps", so for my needs, the adjustable straps are preferable.

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191 out of 333 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best Fins - On Land and in the Water Too
Reviewer: Klery Fox
ive tried all the major, "top" fins these are the best on the boat and in the water. theyre shorter and more malleable than other fins - many a fin are harder and not very flexible. additionally, they are made using softer rubber which grips a wet boat deck or dock better. these are all good attributes to have in a fin, and ive seen no others that compare in this way. in the water they are also my favorite fin. you will experience the least amount of drag ever in a head-on current and they are fast and smooth in the water. they may not get up and run right away like some others do, but that also makes them very controlable in tight spaces when you just need a slighter movement. they get up and run very closely to the other, "top" fins by the way. i highly recommend upgrading to the spring steel slap. its comfortable and is assembled into the fin with good manufacturing quality ive not seen elswhere.

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169 out of 374 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Simply the best fin
Reviewer: Amik Ahmad
Doesnt get any better than these. I love the steel straps, as I was getting off and on the boat in Cozumel... it was so easy. Everyone else had rubber straps or boot fins... and well... I was seeing fish before they were.

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180 out of 400 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Excellent!!!
Reviewer: Greg Burton
After reviewing many, i purchased these for my trip to Fiji in a year. Took them to Hawaii for testing and enjoyed swimming circles around the other divers, using less air and not having tired legs after diving. Despite others comments, i did not have any difficulty with maneuverability while taking pix or looking in small openings.

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165 out of 365 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Amazing Fins
Reviewer: Gian S.
I bought these fins as a gift for my fathers 60th birthday. Hes an avid snorkeler and absolutely loves them. He and I were snorkeling together in the Caribbean and I had trouble keeping up with him with normal fins and Im only 26 years old! After seeing how quick he was I tried them and was amazed at the efficiency and speed you move at, and how little effort it took to cruise through the water. The next pair of fins I buy for myself will be Apollo Bio-Pros. Just an amazing product.

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178 out of 381 people found this review helpful.

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Questions and Answers for Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins:

  • Derrick:

    I use a neoprene dry suit with full boots they r heavy duty.my current fins r hard to get onto my boots.the. Boots on my suit r size 8 .should I get a size 8 in the bio or a size bigger .

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The Apollo Bio Fin work well with many dry suits, but due to their slightly narrow foot pocket they are not ideal for the more heavy duty boots.

  • Derrick:

    Would like to know what kind of split fins should I buy to accep my heavy duty dry suit boots.need a wide foot pocket .

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Derrick, to suggest the correct size you would need to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822. But what you are trying to do most people will go one size bigger in the fins for the added width of the fin. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.


Apollo was the first manufacturer to recognize the potential of split-fin technology. There are many split-fins on the market today. Bio-fins are the only split fins produced with 100% natural rubber. Bio-fins were first awarded 'Tester's Choice in 1999 and have continued to win again and again. 'Top Gun Position' Scuba Gear Reports 2011

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Bio-fin pro & Bio-fin pro XT

Precision engineered for optimum speed and comfort. 20°angle and 100% rubber are unique to Apollo's split-fin design. Your body will barely register the effort but you are definitely moving... and moving fast!


20° angled blade for a fin shape that works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee - very low strain
100% rubber material for optimum weight and flexibility
Increased maximum speed and reduced fatigue
Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy use, and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
Excellent manueverability and position control
Foot pocket is open at the toe for added comfort
Easy quick release system with finger loop for easy access
Sizes: xs, s, m, l, and xl (LL) Note: metallic pink xs, s, & m only
NATO/National Stock Number 4220-66-152-2592 (Black)
FINE TUNING While all bio-fins are 100% rubber, the hardness level does vary. Durometer ranges from original black 65 to the XT at 75. Click here to learn more about durometer differences.

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