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Mfg Part Number :

TUSA Charter BCJ-2100 BC

TUSA Charter BCJ-2100 BC Customer reviews see below

  • Soft touch power inflator
  • Tank Suspension System provide ultimate tank stability
  • Nylon carrying handle
  • Adjustable cummerbund
  • Two wide zipper side pockets
  • Quick-release shoulder buckles
  • 420 Denier Material
  • COLORS: Black
  • SIZE/LIFT XSmall/18, Small/23, Medium/32, Large/38



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Customer Reviews for TUSA Charter BCJ-2100 BC:

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Rating: My dream BCD
Reviewer: Chin Lee
i was at 450th dive when i bought this bcd which was my third one. i studied everything available on the market and decided to buy this one not because of its price but because it appears to be my dream bcd. i used it for about 30 dives and it indeed is my bream coming true for the technical reasons below: 1. it is light the small size weighs only 6.9 lbs. 2. it is very simple and compact. 3. it does not have the complicated weight system i am a zero-weight diver in so. california and i do not need any weight system. 4. it does have two large zipper pockets. if i go to cozumel, i can simply put the 4-lb weight in the pockets. 5. it has negative buoyancy when empty (without air). 6. the air cells are even distributed between front and back so that you can float vertically with ease if you choose to do so. 7. it is compact. you feel that it is a part of you. this results in low drag in water and ease in maneuver. 8. there is a extra dump valve on the right shoulder. to descend, you can simply pull that valve without using the inflator. 9. the materials are very strong. this bcd probably will last forever. 10. it does not trap water. after each dive, the water getting into the bcd is almost none, just a few s. this is important in that you do not carry water from the shore to your car when you are already tired. 11. the tank fastening belt has two-step actions that tighten the tank onto the back rails without having to close the clamp with teeth-grinding force. so, this is my dream bcd. i do not believe that you can find anything better than this one. if you do, i would like to know and try what you find. i would give this bcd a score of 95 out of 100. the only suggestion that i have is to add a d-ring on the right shoulder pad to hand my dive light. well, not every one need it, but i do. i am a padi divemaster and a phd in electrical engineering. i am very analytical and technical.

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Rating: First experience with TUSA BCJ-2100 BC
Reviewer: Patrick Hecking
i tried the bc in cozumel last week and it works very well. the two zippered pockets are helpful for accessories like dive lights. it is easy to use and adjust to different waist sizes. very good is the presence of two fast-relief valves at opposite ends. the price was good as well. it has some tendency to slide up too high on the body. if i would add one feature that would be straps around the thighs to prevent this.

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Rating: great BC
Reviewer: mark j.  -  View all my reviews
great BC I bought this for my son and he loves it, I have one also and I love it also. Highly reccommend it.

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Rating: Nice BC
Reviewer: mark j.  -  View all my reviews
very nice basic BC, fits well and functions well. I highly reccommend this product

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Rating: Great BCD
Reviewer: Kristal Smith
I love the new BCD. I have already taken it on two diving trips and it works great. Thanks for the fast shipping as well. I got it sooner than I thought I would.

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