Seasoft Free Diving Vest FRDV001 005897


Mfg Part #: FRDV001
  • Free Intro 5 L.E.D 15 Lumen Light included
  • Free crotch strap included
  • Integrated Weight System - 40lb diver releasable capacity
  • Perfect for free diving
  • Weight is distributed to the entire upper torso
  • Easy to load weight and unload weight
  • Quick-release shoulder buckles
  • Sternum Strap
  • 3 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Padded backpack for added comfort
  • Adjustable waistband, assures stability and comfort
  • COLORS: Black
  • SIZE: One size fits all

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Questions and Answers for Seasoft Free Diving Vest:

  • Susan:

    Can I use "80" alum. tanks with this vest? I have 2 tanks already, and I am buying 2 more.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This is not used with tanks. It is only a free diving weight harness.

Quick Overview
The SEASOFT FREE™ Diving Vest was developed to liberate you from wearing a weight belt while “free diving'. The FREE holds up to 40 lb. of weight, fits divers who weigh 100 to 280 lb. and will fit a smaller or larger diver with the optional cummerbunds.

Be FREE of a weight belt while free diving, get the SEASOFT FREE™ Diving Vest.

WARNING: We have recently become aware of an abalone harvesting method known as 'rock-picking' in N. California. This involves a person searching for abalone on a low tide while over-weighted with weights using a wetsuit, mask, and a float tube but no fins. They search for abalone through the mask and then 'scramble' while heavily over-weighted and breath-hold to harvest the abalone. This is highly dangerous, risky and unsafe. This person has 1. No air source; 2. No means of propulsion (fins); and 3. No flotation device (BC);

At low tide you have an uneven bottom that could be over your head, there are kelp forests that could entangle you, and there are rogue waves that can sweep you into water over your head. It is just not worth it. A few abalone are not worth dying for! SEASOFT SCUBA will not knowingly sell any diving products to a 'rock-picker'.

Free diving with fins for abalone can be a fun and challenging sport, why not learn this sport from a local expert instructor?

The SEASOFT FREE™ holds up to 40 lbs. of weight in the weight compartment located in the back of the FREE. A moveable inner dam keeps the weights from moving or shifting around and with the thick lumbar support, the comfort is incredible.

There are 2 D-rings on the waist and on the upper left side for attaching accessories and a float or surface line. In an emergency, completely pull out the Yellow Ripcord, located on the right shoulder, by pulling the Ripcord down and back toward the back to ditch the weights out of the bottom of the weight compartment.

If you want to be free from discomfort, sore hips and you want to almost forget you are wearing weights, the SEASOFT FREE™ is for you.


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