Seasoft Quikpak Diving Vest QDV001 005896

Mfg Part #: QDV001
  • Free Crotch Strap included
  • Integrated Weight System - 20lb diver releasable capacity
  • Great for shallow search and rescue, shallow water recovery, research, boat maintenance, cutting a prop loose that has become entangled, or any other shallow water applications
  • Quick-release shoulder buckles
  • Sternum Strap
  • 3 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Padded backpack for added comfort
  • Adjustable waistband, assures stability and comfort
  • Holds a 13 or 19 cubic foot tank
  • COLORS: Black
  • SIZE: One size fits all

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Quick Overview
The SEASOFT QUIKPAK Diving Vest holds a 13 or 19 cu. ft. cylinder and has a ditchable weight pocket that holds up to 14 lbs. of weight that is located right under the bottom of the tank. The weights are ditched by pulling on the Yellow Ripcord, located on the right shoulder, down and back toward the butt.

The SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ is perfect for shallow water diving, commercial, search and rescue, hookah bail out or boat repair. Since the QUIKPAK does not have a bouyancy bladder, if the diver is in water deeper than their airway, they should be tethered to the surface.

One-size-fits-all adjustability ensures the right fit for every diver between 100-280 lb. Smaller and Larger cummerbunds are available for those that are above or below that range.

Since there is NO buoyancy bladder, the SEASOFT QUIKPAK is designed for shallow water situations only.

Perfect for that fouled prop, boat cleaning, search and rescue and other shallow water situations. The SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ fits from 80 lbs. to 280 lbs.

It is perfect for a bailout for a hookah system as well and for commercial work. The 3 secure D-Rings are perfect for a surface setup or other uses.

WARNING: If used in water deeper than your airway, you must be tethered on a line to the surface.

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