Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System 417305.XS 005429

Mfg Part #: 417305

Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System

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  • MRS (Mechanical Release System) Plus Weight Integration - 28 lb capacity in sizes XSmall-Small (18 lbs Diver releasable - 10 lbs non-diver releasable trim weights for improved weight distribution and balance), 36 lb capacity in size Medium - XLarge (26 lbs Diver releasable - 10 lbs non-diver releasable trim weights)
  • Air-cell moves independently from harness for unmatched comfort
  • BPS (Back Protection System) neutrally buoyant padding
  • Swivel adjustable quick release shoulder buckles
  • Padded neoprene neck roll and shoulders
  • 2 over-sized zippered pockets
  • 6 stainless steel D-rings
  • Sternum strap
  • Adjustable cummerbund, assures stability and comfort
  • BC Hose retainer to hold your gauges and octo in place
  • Safety Whistle
  • SIZES/LIFT: XSmall/36, Small/36, Medium/41, Large/44, XLarge/54

Customer Reviews for Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System:

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Rating: Dragon
Reviewer: MAJ Mortrud, Anthony  -  View all my reviews
I am new to diving and this is the first BCD I have owed. I like the weight system, I have had no issues with the intergrated weight system falling out. I have an extra large fits well in shoulders and chest, But need to adjust cumberbund and waist strap as far in as they can go and still a little loose. I love the metal D rings, and spacious pockets. Overall I am happy with BCD.

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22 out of 35 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Sweet BC
Reviewer: Carlos P.  -  View all my reviews
Overall very nice design, quality built, rugged BC provides very comfortable fit and balance/responsiveness underwater. Im very happy with the choice and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch BC. I only wish the unit was a few pounds lighter for travel - it is a minor quip.

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28 out of 54 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great BCD for the money.
Reviewer: David Schiessel  -  View all my reviews
Has plenty of D-rings and pockets. Plenty of room for soft weights. The only thing I did not like so much is the bottom rear dump valve has to be oriented just right to function. Still an excellent BCD. MRS weight system is so-so. Can be difficult to snap-in the release mechanism.

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135 out of 262 people found this review helpful.

Rating: I love it!
Reviewer: Masafumi H.
I checked a lot of web-site, offer the best price to me. thak you!

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13 out of 25 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great quality and features.
Reviewer: Joseph Johnson  -  View all my reviews
Dacor has to be one of the best scuba equipment manufacturers around. And this BC is no exception. Sturdy construction and lots of features make it a great buy as well. This one has several D rings and clip points for all your accessories. Large, deep pockets and super sized integrated weight pockets are easy to access. This model even has an integrated lumbar support that give that extra measure of comfort.

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532 out of 1091 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mares Dragon BCD a winner
Reviewer: Butch Amann  -  View all my reviews
I recently purchased the Mares Dragon Ergo BCD with the MRS Plus weight system. I looked into several other models before making my decision. I am very happy with the vest. It fits well and is easy to put on and get off. The weight release system functions extremely well, and was easy to add or change weights even while underwater. The side pockets are easily accessible. The only problems I had were with the tank clamp, which seemed to be a little hard to get tight, and it did rub a bit in the front shoulder area. This may be in part due to the newness of the unit, and may get better as it is used more.

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517 out of 1013 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great BC
Reviewer: Christopher Williams  -  View all my reviews
This BC is very comfortable and is a great product. The only downside is that Mares has not shipped the integrated air controler so I had to buy another brand to attach.

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279 out of 591 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good fit, good buy, but always could be better.
Reviewer: Scott Shirey
I will get the negative out of the way first and then onto the praise. To dump air out, you nearly have to have the control valve at almost the perfect angle. It can get VERY annoying when trying to initially dive, and when youve overinflated slightly. But once you find that spot, youve got it. As for inflation and comfort, my is phenomenal. I have bigger shoulders and the straps never once cut into me...not once. It really is so comfortable its a shame to even call it a BC. Its really more of a snazzy vest with really neat gizmos. Overall, well worth the price. Id highly recommend it.

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411 out of 863 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great!!!!
Reviewer: Paulo Cesar Osorio Pineda
It was a great purchase, quick delivery and an excellent product!!!

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386 out of 802 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mares Dragon BC
Reviewer: Adam Fredricks
The most comfortable BC I have ever worn

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468 out of 892 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System:

  • ian:

    How sturdy is the MRS plus weight system. I have heard (on the internet) that the weight system can be easly knocked and unclip itself while diving. How true is this and whats your opinion as i am thinking of purchasing this BCD.

    Greg  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The older style Velcro style pockets would (rarely) have this problem. Newer style BCDs, such as this Mares Dragon, uses a quick release buckle assembly. As long as the buckle is clipped in, the weight pocket will not inadvertently drop out. During your pre-div safety check, always inspect your weight pockets (and double check your buddies weight system).

  • Joe:

    Hi, I am looking at the Ocenaic Probe HLC BCD and the Mares Dragon BC with MRS. From what I can tell they are both hybrid back and vest BCDs. The one negative comment I picked up about the Mares BCD is the bladder is exposed in the back when inflated. Any commnets one relative to the other? Thanks, Joe

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Joe, yes the Mares air-cell moves independently from harness. I my self wear a back inflation BCD. Between the two you are asking about I find that the Oceanic version is a more comfortable BCD then the Mares. Both BCD are is the higher quality BCD. So with either BCD you go with would be a very go set-up.

  • Joe:

    Does the Mares Dragon pitch you forward on the surface like a back inflation BCD?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Mares Dragon is a Jacket Style bcd and will not push you forward on the surface. Incidentally, that is also an old issue with back inflation bcds that is not now, nor ever really was valid. Remember PROPER buoyancy at the surface is eyeball level in the water with a full breath of air in your lungs. Basically your face is already in the water if you are properly buoyant at the surface. The bcd cannot put your face forward into the water if it's already in the water where it should be.

  • Qassim:

    i checked this BC in a local shop, and he suggest M size to me. i dont like it and feel it short,the chest strap became near my nick so i have to pull the shoulder strap hard. i asked him for L size and when i tried it, it was really big, my measurement is 1.8 m length and 32" waist, with kind of wide chest and shoulder (because of old gym days) any way my question is can i get extra length by changing the position of the back screws?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this may be possible but can''t recommend it due to doing that would alter the BC and Void the warrantee.


•Mares new Dragon Bladder design. Tightly tailored reducing drag, placing much of the air around the tank, contoured to greatly minimize the feel of the bladder underneath your arms, and creating comfortable surface flotation. With a lift of 20k/44lbs size lg.
•Innovative Protective buoyancy cover: Superior combination of 3D Alutex protection, abrasion resistant net, smooth shield fabric covering 420 denier bladder
•MRS Plus. Mares evolution of the 1st mechanical weight system introduced to the market. Incorporating a newly designed buckle system, one pull movement to release your weights. Shaped pockets to form to your waist. Large, zippered opening allows for easier insertion of weights. Max load of 6k/13 lbs with most sizes. Inside Velcro to section the pocket in case you don’t use the full capacity.
•Trim Wts holding up to 4.5/10lbs total. Positioned in the lower part of the BCD for better upright efficiency at the surface, and a more steamlined profile.
•BPS Plus (Back Protection system) patented dual position lumbar capability. Heavily padded in either position, you can double the padding for increased lumbar support or extend the length of the padding depending on body shape. Ultimate PRE dive comfort...===secondpage===
•Smart D ring position. Large AISI 304 Stainless steel rings, 2 bent: 2 upper and 2 lower that are positioned intelligently with in your downward vision also functioning as leverage while inserting the weight pockets.
•Elastic cummerbund secures BCD in place and adjusts for wetsuit compression at depth.
•QAS- Quick Adjust System, change the length of the cummerbund for a better customized fit.
•Neoprene padded neck collar to eliminate uncomfortable chafing on the neck and shoulders.
•Plush interior. BCD fabric that is characteristically tough may not feel so nice against bare skin in warm water, so we added velvet finish on the inside body and shoulder area.
•Ergonomically shaped shoulders to alleviate pressure on the shoulders.
•Adjustable chest strap securing shoulder placement.
•2 Zippered pockets Using the best quality nylon zipper chain on the market, the 2 large zippered pockets incorporate a zipper slide with a thick, high quality pull cord and are angled for ease of opening and closing.
•Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves
•Right hand shoulder pull dump
•Ergo Inflator with pull dump
•Rugged carrying handle
•Safety whistle
•Dual position hose clip for your gauges
All current in line Mares B.C.D.s are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.

Product Details
Code: 417305
Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL
Material: Cordura 420 with Alutex protection and abrasion-resistant mesh
Rings: Stainless steel (5)
Weight: 4.0Kg (size L)
Lift: 140N(XXS-XS); 170N (M); 190N(L); 220N(XL)
Mrs small: 417955
Mrs large: 417954

Product Features

Ergo Inflator

The standard inflation and deflation control device used in PAD training porgrams. Intuitive use and secure grip.

Fusion Bladder

Combines features of backmounted and classic bladder. High lift capacity, unrestricted movement and a comoftable position on the surface characterize this type of bladder.

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