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Demonstration Video:
Video: H20 Torid Pulse

Mfg Part Number :

H2O Torid Pulse

H2O Torid PulseCustomer reviews



  • Brand new for 2014
  • Laser sight ready - available Summer 2014
  • At the surface, blast water 15 feet into the air to get the dive boat's attention
  • 'Capture the Flag' and many other 'paintball' style games
  • Adjust the air rings while shooting, from fine and fast to large and slow
  • Get your buddy's attention in limited visibility
  • Signal someone below you while you are on the surface
  • Low pressure power inflator hose required - see below to order


with Black 40 inch Hose Add $30.00

H2O Tank System $299.95

Snappy Coil Lanyard $15.95

Divers Duffel Bag $39.95


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Mfg Part Number :

Oceanic Veo 100 NX Air/Nitrox Computer

Free Standard Shipping

Oceanic Veo 100 NX Air/Nitrox ComputerCustomer reviews


  • Free Computer Gauge Guard
  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Nitrox Programmable (21-50%)
  • Manual and Water activation
  • Visual Alarm (accent)
  • Imperial/Metric (user-setting)
  • Diver-replaceable batteries
  • Nitrogen bar graph
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustable
  • 12 Dive log
  • Time-to-fly
  • Ascent rate indicator
  • Time of day - (use it like a watch)
  • Temperature Display
  • DEPTH: 330 feet


Oceanic Battery Kit - Versa Wrist/Versa Pro Wrist/Veo/VT Pro Wrist/Veo 3.0/DG02 Wrist/DG03/React Pro Add $22.95

Scuba Divers Duffel Bag $39.95

Console Deluxe Padded Protective Case $9.95

Polar Fleece Beanie $10.00


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Demonstration Video:
Video: Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Dive Light Video Review

Mfg Part Number :

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light

Free Standard Shipping

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. LightCustomer reviews


with Pouch & Glove Add $13.50
with Glove Add $4.50

4 Pack AAA Lithium Batteries $18.95

Flashlight/Camera Retractor $32.95

4 Pack AAA Alkaline Batteries $3.95


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Mfg Part Number :

XS Scuba Roller Duffel Bag

Free Standard Shipping

XS Scuba Roller Duffel BagCustomer reviews


  • FREE XS Scuba luggage tag
  • Free Regulator Bag included
  • 1200 Denier
  • Large enough to carry a complete set of cold water gear or two sets of tropical gear
  • Diver-Tough Wheels
  • Locking, Extendable Pull Handle
  • Grab Handle Provides Stability While Upright
  • Accommodates Fins Up to 30" in Length
  • Large, Marine Bronze Zippers on Main Compartment with U-Shape Design
  • Ability to Lock All Zippers
  • Long Mesh Pocket Inside with Zipper Closure at Top
  • Adjustable tie down straps
  • Custom Rails Provide Strength and Durability
  • Heavy, PVC-Reinforcement at Wear Points
  • DIMENSIONS: 31" x 15" x 14"
  • CAPACITY: 6510 cubic inches
Black Roller Bag

Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag $29.95

Deluxe Regulator Dive Bag $71.50

Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack $26.95


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Mfg Part Number :

Watershot Waterproof Housing for iPhone 5 .

Free Standard Shipping


  • Includes Interchangeable Flat Port and Wide Angle Lens
  • Free Lanyard Included
  • Fits iPhone 5
  • Wide Angle Lens increases field of view to 110 degrees
  • Threaded bezel for external lenses and filters
  • Shields iPhone from water, wear, shock, and pressure
  • Full suspension system 'floats' iPhone inside housing
  • Removable colored grip
  • Integrated tripod mount
  • DEPTH: 195 feet (60 meters)
  • COLOR: Gray with Yellow Grip


Sealife L.E.D. Video Light Add $299.00

Regulator Bag $39.95

GoPro Mount Adapter $15.99

Red Filter for Watershot Housing $34.99


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Mfg Part Number :

Divegear Boat Coat Jacket - Fleece Lined with Hood

Divegear Boat Coat Jacket - Fleece Lined with HoodCustomer reviews


"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!"
  • Brand new & completely redesigned
    Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model
  • Fleece lined
  • Dries quickly
  • Hood with draw string
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Double-ended zipper
  • Large toothed zipper - keeps from jamming
  • Inner cellphone pocket
  • 2 outer utility side pockets for storage
  • Great rain coat
  • Keeps you warm even when you are wet after a dive
  • Nylon shell that repels wind and water
  • COLORS: Black, Royal Blue, or Charcoal 
  • SIZES: XSmall through 3XLarge
3XLarge Add $25.00
Click for Divegear sizing chart


Polar Fleece Cap $10.00

Scuba Beach Towel $9.95

Polar Fleece Beanie $10.00


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Mfg Part Number :

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 WatchCustomer reviews


Ultra-White Rubber Strap Add $105.00
Stainless Steel Bracelet Add $50.00

Waterborne Safety Strap $14.95

Polar Fleece Beanie $10.00

Scuba Beach Towel $9.95


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Mfg Part Number :

IST 2.5 Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet with Clock


Scuba Beach Towel $9.95

Trailer Hitch Cover $15.95

Scuba Dive Flag License Plate Frame $0.99


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