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Mfg Part #: 10650301

Viking Pro 1000 Surveyor Drysuit

  • FREE Viking duffle bag included 
  • FREE Viking drysuit repair kit included 
  • FREE Viking drysuit inlet hose included 
  • FREE Suspenders included
  • FREE Drysuit manual included 
  • The preferred choice for professional dive and rescue teams
  • For the professional or demanding sport diver
  • Excellent protection for contaminated water diving
  • EPDM natural rubber heavy duty shell suit. Allows for diving in any conditions by changing thermal under garment
  • Heavy Duty polyester lining
  • Easy entry back zipper
  • Internally reinforced fused rubber seams
  • Latex neck and wrist seals
  • Attached latex hood included
  • Under garment sold separately
  • COLOR: Black or Red
  • SIZE: Small through 3XLarge 

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VIKING™Rubber Dry Suits

The Viking PRO is our biggest selling drysuit worldwide. Designed for flexibility and comfort in a wide range of applications. Vulcanised seams allow for peace of mind when diving under all situations. The PRO is easy to clean and repair which helps to minimise downtime.

Internal stitched and taped seams
External vulcanised seams
Easy to clean exterior when contaminated
Easy to repair in the field to minimise downtime
Flexible and comfortable

Viking PRO
Material is a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM), on a 2 way stretch knitted polyester lining.
Total material weight is 1050 +/- 100 g/m2.
Red with black reinforcements, or all black.
Internal seams stitched together with an elastic tape for security. External seams vulcanised with a 25mm rubber tape. Vulcanization is a chemical bonding process, ensuring watertight seams.
Additional layers of anti slip textured rubber are applied to areas at risk of wear. The shoulders and the zipper are reinforced. The trouser rear reinforcement extends around the thigh and across to the front of the legs, and down over the boots.
EN 14225-2:2005
BIO micro organism approval

90 cm magnetic heavy duty zipper is fitted to all red suits as standard.
90 cm non magnetic zipper is fitted as standard to all black suits.
Standard configuration includes the following valves mounted on rubber backing discs:
Central chest: Viking Push protected inlet valve
Hose: CEJN fitting, 80 cm long
Upper left arm: Viking X2 exhaust valve with 2 mushroom valves for added security
Alternative options:
Non magnetic inlet valves, Apeks inlet valves. Non magnetic hoses.
Non magnetic exhaust valves, Apeks exhaust valves.
The standard boots are an extension of the leg, where a heavy duty flexible rubber outsole is stitched and taped to the end. The outsole features a non slip surface for grip. A fin strap retainer is on the heel.
Alternative options:
Neoprene lined boots, Nitrile safety boots with steel toe cap & midsole, PVC non safety boots.
The Viking PRO is fitted with a Surveyor latex neck seal as standard.
Alternative options:
Bellows latex neck seal, neoprene neck seal, quick connect collar system which allows for quick changing of broken seals.
Viking PRO suits may be fitted with a wide range of hood options as follows:
Surveyor latex hood + thermal inner hood, Nautic neoprene hood with smooth face seal, Smoothskin hood, Turbo black rubber hood, Magnum black rubber hood.
If the suit has been fitted with a Quick Connect collar system, then specific latex and neoprene hoods are available for fitting.
Latex PRO cuffs are the standard fitment.
Cuff options:
HD latex cuffs, bellows latex cuffs, short conical cuffs.
Glove ring options:
In order to make the suit completely waterproof, it is possible to fit a rubber cuff ring system with fixed external rubber ring, and loose stiff plastic ring which holds the latex seal in place. The alternative is a plastic bayonet glove ring system with a plastic ring mounted on the sleeve, and a replaceable cuff held in place with a plastic ring.
Both systems then make the fitment of a latex or Viton®/Butyl or Nitrile/Chloroprene glove possible.
Each suit comes supplied as standard with the following items:
Suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit, zip care materials.


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