TUSA RS-860 DIN Regulator RS-860-DIN 033494

Mfg Part #: RS-860-DIN
  • For cylinders fitted with a DIN valve only (for cylinders fitted with a standard yoke valve an adapter is included at no charge)
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • Compact and reliable balanced piston first stage
  • Instant delivery of air and high airflow for superior performance
  • Lightweight compact case design
  • "Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow
  • Left or right hose layout
  • Ortho-counsciously designed mouthpiece

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The balanced piston R-800 first stage is compact and lightweight. It has a full complement of four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports and is fine- tuned for optimum performance.

The S-60 second stage features a diver adjustable sensitivity control to deliver air smoothly with each breath. The surface position decreases the likelihood of a free flow. In the dive position the control allows the regulator to power assist the diver as they breathe using the venturi effect. The S-60 is also equipped with an ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece to increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue.

The RS-860 is available in both INT (yoke) and DIN versions.

First stage (R-800)
Compact and reliable balanced piston first stage

Instant delivery of air and high airflow for superior performance

Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports

DIN version available as RS-860 DIN (300bar/4350psi)

Eligible for TUSA CARE Free Parts for Life Program

Second stage (S-60)
Lightweight compact case design

Venturi breathing adjustment lever

Left or right hose layout

Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece

Eligible for TUSA CARE Free Parts for Life Program


Venturi Flow Adjustment
The venturi flow adjustment allows for ease of breathing by controlling the direction of air through the mouthpiece.

Ortho-conscious Mouth Piece
The ortho-conscious mouth piece feature prevents jaw fatigue. The ridges and flexible material allow the diver to have more control of the mouth piece and reduces tension in the jaw.

Cold Water Ready
The cold water ready feature enables the diver to use the regulator in water temperatures below 50°F/10°C.

Advanced Flow System
The advanced flow system allows ease of air flow and makes air delivery smoother due to the curved housing structure.

 TUSA Regulators are BALANCED PISTON and BALANCED DIAPHRAGM type SINGLE HOSE REGULATORS. The regulator reduces high pressure air from the scuba
cylinder to ambient pressure suitable for breathing, through the operation of fi rst and
second stage regulators. The fi rst stage regulator reduces incoming high pressure
air, to an intermediate pressure of approximately 135PSI ( 9.5bar). The second
stage regulator, using a diaphragm operated demand valve, further reduces air from
intermediate pressure to ambient pressure permitting normal breathing. The fi rst and
second stages of the regulator are connected by a low pressure hose. A swivel yoke
(TYPE INT) on the fi rst stage body secures the regulator to the cylinder valve, while
an O-ring surrounding the outlet orifi ce on the cylinder valve ensures an airtight connection to the fi rst stage.

R-800 fi rst Stage
The R-800 is a balanced piston type fi rst stage offering superior reliability for stable
air supply regardless of depth or residual pressure. It is equipped with four intermediate low pressure ports and two high pressure ports.

Do not attempt to connect low pressure hoses to the high pressure ports with the use
of an adapter. Improper connection will cause damage to the equipment and could
result in serious personal injury. Low pressure components are not intended to
withstand pressures greater than 28Bar ≒(400 PSI). When installing your accessory
hoses, avoid damaging the O-ring. Tighten gently, but firmly into the first stage housing.
SCUBA complying with EN 250 are not intended for more than one user to breathe from
at the same time.

If SCUBA are configured and used by more than one diver at the same time, then the
cold water and breathing performances may not fulfil the requirements of EN 250.


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