Poseidon Jetstream Mk3 Regulator 0100-005 033285

Mfg Part #: 0100-005
  • For cylinders fitted with a DIN valve only (for cylinders fitted with a standard yoke valve order adapter above)
  • Updated version of the classic Jetstream regulator
  • One of the easiest breathing regulators on the market
  • Jetstream second stage with an Xstream first stage
  • 2nd stage is lightweight and engineered to be utilized at the divers left or right side
  • Side exhaust for less bubble interference
  • Utilizes Poseidons unique servo-assist failsafe design
  • Over-pressure valve is built in to the Xstream first stage
  • Thread on the second stage hose connection is a standard 9/16 thread

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Questions and Answers for Poseidon Jetstream Mk3 Regulator:

  • Kyung:

    your description... For cylinders fitted with a DIN valve only (for cylinders fitted with a standard yoke valve order adapter below) i want o DIN valve ... i have to buy din valve?? if you say yes.. plz tell me the price..

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Kyung, this is a DIN version regulator. So you can order this as is and it will give you a DIN connection. The adapter is designed to fit on the DIN connection to convert it to a yoke style connection. Since you do not need this option just order it as is.

Jetstream Regulator
Effortless breathing at any depth. The first stage incorporates a safety valve that allows you to continue to breathe normally from the second stage, even in the unlikely event of abnormally high pressure air in the first stage.Colours: Blue, Red, Black, Grey, YellowMaterial: Durable PVC housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts
> Equipped with two dive modes
> Robust, durable
> Approved to EN250 cold water standard
> Unique Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
> Reliable high performance
> 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
> Upstream 2nd stage valve
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