Poseidon Xstream Deep Mk3 Regulator 0100-000 033284

Mfg Part #: 0100-000
  • The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air or trimix – O2 Certified.
  • 5 LP and 2 HP-ports
  • Low WOB - Servo assisted
  • Certified to 200 meters
  • 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
  • Approved to cold water standard
  • Approved for use under ice down to –1,6C without CWD kit
  • Upstream 2nd stage valve

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Questions and Answers for Poseidon Xstream Deep Mk3 Regulator:

  • Onn:

    this item includes first and 2nd stage right?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):


  • Mr.:

    Hi fellow divers, Having used poseidon regulators (Cyklon & Jetstream) for almost two decades without a single problem do think Xstream would so much better than previously mentioned ones that it would be worth purchasing? Is there need to do so called users settings for the first/second stage? I so are You guys able to do it for me or is it on my own responsibility? How long the delivery (Poseidon Xstream + Octo set) would take to Hong Kong? Thanks a lot and looking forward to hear from you. Best regards, Jukka Jaatinen (A Finn living in Hong Kong)

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Being the newest and re-eingineered design does not always equate into the item being the "best". In this case Poseidon has simplified and streamlined much of their existing technology to create one of the best performing regulators they have ever designed. There should be no settings the user would need to make. For more details on availability and delivery please contact our inscructors at info@scuba.com or 800-34SCUBA

  • Jerome:

    With your opinion about poseidon. Xstream deep regulator and it warrant and parts program?.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Poseidon makes very high quality equipment for divers and has a very good warranty.

Which are the most important differences between the Xstream and other regulators?
We identified life critical parameters that other 1st stages do not fulfill today. High pressure seat leaks are the most bothering problem. This can be very serious if it occurs on a stage cylinder as an example. The Xstream design in itself is very simple, that is why it has such extra ordinary performance and few failure points. A comparison between regulator X and the Xstream regulator show a failure point rate of 15 vs 5*. One of the secrets is the patented high pressure spherical ball seat. Another important feature is the service ability under water. If you get dirt in the exhalation membrane it can easily be fixed, you can actually throw up with the regulator in your mouth.
Does Poseidon sell lower quality 2nd stage octopuses like other manufacturers?
A Poseidon octopus is always identical to its primary regulator. There are no differences in manufacturing procedures or quality control.
Why are there no screws for adjustments on a Poseidon 2nd stage?
All our regulators are made without compromises, they are all factory preset for optimum performance. Within our philosophy the screws, deflectors and “venturi” effects marketed as features by our competitors are fixes for bad design and result in potential failure points.
What about Buddy Breathing and sharing air?
Parallel breathing can be a severe problem since the pressure drop having two people breathing from the same 1st stage can cause a regulator free flow or freeze, based on the huge gas expansion in the 1st stage. Poseidon regulators are designed to cope with such standardised proce- dures including parallel breathing either with the hose from the right or left, this makes air sharing easy.
Why does Poseidon design regulators with side purge buttons?
Because side directed inhalation membranes won’t cause a free flow in a counter current or when riding a scooter. It also gives the diver a freedom to select if the hose comes from the left or right without serious performance limitations.
Cold water diving, what can happen?
A regulator not designed for cold water use may “freeze” due to normal cooling from gas expansion combined with chilly water, causing a free flow. Poseidon regulators are tested for these conditions and some of our regulators are capable of functioning down to -1,6°C water temperature. Poseidon has solved this by its internal TDA (Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze) system. 

Poseidon Regulator Testimonials:
The US navy has in several studies placed the Poseidon regulators on top of the competition. Other Navy approved regulators need extra environmental membranes and fillings with silicone oil, this is simply the wrong approach and it adds failure points. Poseidon Xstream is currently the only approved regulator for cold water diving. 
US Navy

NASA uses the Poseidon regulators and harnesses
at the Lyndon B Johnson space center in Houston for space pre mission training at the “Neutral Bouyancy Lab” NBL. Poseidon has further established a protocol for oxygen cleaning that NASA has adopted for their nitrox regulators.
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