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Aeris Atmos AI Air / Nitrox Computer v.2

Aeris Atmos AI Air / Nitrox Computer v.2 Customer reviews see below

Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • Free Digital Online Training Course for your Aeris Computer included
  • Free computer gauge guard
  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Air Integrated
  • Audible alarms (depth, ascent)
  • Manual and water activation
  • Flashing LED warning (depth, ascent)
  • Backlighting Display for Night Diving
  • Temperature
  • Diver-replaceable batteries
  • Ascent rate indicator
  • Nitrogen bar graph
  • Depth to 330 feet / 100 meters
  • User changeable Imperial/Metric
  • Battery saving option by allowing diver to set time of backlight display from 2 to 7 seconds
  • 250 Dive log
  • Diver adjustable for a more conservative or liberal dive profiles
  • PC downloadable
  • Time-to-fly
  • Time and Date of day (use it like a watch)
  • Automatic 3 minute count-down timer

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Not Available for Sale Outside of the U.S. and Caribbean

Not available for shipment to Australia


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Customer Reviews for Aeris Atmos AI Air / Nitrox Computer v.2:

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Average Customer Review: based on 17 reviews.

Rating: Well designed layout
Reviewer: Nick L.  -  View all my reviews
Have used this computer now for about 20 dives. I really like the layout. Fits well in palm of hand and easy to see all data when using compass to navigate. Only issue is the ascent alarm which is triggered if you even exceed the recommended rate for a moment such as when going over a small obstacle, but this seems to be the case with many computers.

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Rating: Atmos Ai
Reviewer: Jayme Rempel  -  View all my reviews
Only after speaking to an Aeris representative did I realize my mistake. Yea its a good computer, only two buttons to worry about and allott of user programmable features but... The free online training is a huge ordeal just to get the codes for the training site and the Aeris rep says because it was purchased online local shops are NOT obligated to honor the warranty. You have to send it to them for service, not that big of a deal considering youlle cave around $300 buying online vs in you local shop. Easy to read but takes time to memorize all the functions.

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108 out of 208 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Very Happy!!!
Reviewer: Jim Alswager
Very easy to understand and program. I was concerned about "user friendliness" but it passed the test with flying colors. Larger digits easy to read underwater. Downloads to computer to chart and record dives. Quick disconnect is really nice!

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Rating: Easy to use
Reviewer: John Ganjali  -  View all my reviews
I personally were pleased with this product. Thanks, John

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79 out of 151 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Aeris Atmos AI Dive Computer
Reviewer: Bernd K.
I just returned from Hawaii where I was able to use the computer for both day and night dives. The computer was easy to use and clearly displayed all the relevant information. I especially like the integrated air and airtime remaining features which allowed me to safely maximum my dive times.

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Rating: Aeris Atmos
Reviewer: William S.
We purchased two of the Atmos AIs from scuba.com. They were demo units but looked new when we received them. The face scratches very easily, but is replacable I believe. Still after 5 dives it is looking fairly ragged and Im pretty careful safeguarding them. The ascent indicator is fairly...useless, in that it is so sensitive one kick or even a hint of a kick sends it into alarm mode...with the BC empty. It doesnt display any numbers at all showing ascent rate, rather it has bubbles on the right side of the display that go up and down with your rate. It would be far more useful if it showed feet per min, averaged over 2 seconds or so...so we could see a trend at least instead of trying to monitor a bubble that moves all over the place like that. The rest of the computer acts as expected but it would be nice if the log didnt reset to a new dive anytime you go shallow....so that one tank, in a shallow area can mean you come out with 5 dives on your computer that you have to add up to put in your log book as one.

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Rating: High tech security for a low tech diver!
Reviewer: Marty Russell  -  View all my reviews
Excellent computer for either advanced or still getting your toes wet divers. Ive only used my new AI on about 6 dives, but have been increasingly impressed from the first time I got it wet. It is very simple to use (after reading the manual)and gives you all the info you need to make a safe & fun dive. The screen is easy to read underwater, the backlight is also good. I really like the swivel ring on it, I attach mine to a retractor on my BC, keeping it close to reach, not dragging around on the rocks. The compass is at the perfect angle to read, without losing sight of the info panel. The quick release is a must have option. One quick spin and off you go to review the dive. The warning beeps are loud enough under water. The only data I wish it would save but doesnt, is the remaining air presssure after the dive. Also, it has a 25 dive log, not 250 as the description shows. Im taking it for Nitrox diving to Chuuk (Truk Lagoon) in three weeks and am glad its coming with me. Definitely worth the dough!!!

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Rating: great versatile dive computer!
Reviewer: Jane Carpenter
this is a great computer: small, light-weight, palm-sized profile but with large easy to read display. i received it fedex the day i left for a dive trip and had to read the manual on the airplane no problem! simple to understand basic functions and menus. i ordered the quick-connect option which is not only handy for downloading to laptop, but also for stashing the computer in a carry-on bag. the downside is that the quick-connect is sold only with the compass i like to dive with my computer tucked in my bc and didnt want the extra bulk of the compass. fortunately our dive shop guy was able to remove the compass fairly easily (dont try it yourself unless you have special tools!) the ergonomic angled design is my favorite feature you can read the display at a glance without any twisting or flipping of the console! the little keeper-ring rotates to slip out of the way. only drawback is the clear plastic guard is easily scratched - try to remember to stow computer in a pocket before throwing your gear around the boat (guard can be replaced - $10). the dive time remaining feature is great: it recalculates based on multilevel depths and breathing rate - not just tank pressure. if youre swimming hard against a current, or buddy breathing, the time remaining will reflect that. the default setting allows for conservative safety stop time. in general, factory defaults (eg: water activation, safety stop, minimal alarms) are logical/practical and most divers wont need to change them. multiple audible alarms can be annoying to me and to surrounding divers and i was concerned the computer would be an orchestra. good news: for non-deco diving, the only default audible alarm seems to be for ascending too fast - excellent for safety, and i didnt change it. another good feature for people trying an integrated computer for the first time: some people worry that a dead battery will leave a diver sol - this computer will not even enter dive mode (>4-6 feet) if the battery is too low: no problem - get back on the boat! if the battery goes low during a dive, you will still have enough power to finish the dive. (user-changeable battery a plus, too). overall, on an otherwise limited budget, this was money well spent: it will meet my needs for many years (and i can "grow into it" as i get nitrox rated, start doing deco dives, etc). lastly, customer service at scuba.com 800# is very friendly and helpful!

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Rating: Excellent!
Reviewer: Nicholas H.  -  View all my reviews
Easy to use and shows all necessary information clearly and simply with either large numbers or easy to understand graphs/sounds. Definitely a superb choice! The air time remaining feature is my favorite part (it calculates air time remaining based on tank pressure, breathing rate, and depth).

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Rating: Does What it Needs To
Reviewer: Rick Guercio  -  View all my reviews
I found this computer easy to use and interpret. Havent dived for 7 years, and had an old Monitor 3, which was supposed to be state-of-the-art. The Aeris AI is much easier to use and didnt seem to get in the way like I expected. My middle-aged eyes were able to read it unaided underwater, which was my ultimate test. I did read the manual before using it, and Im sure that helped. Great product!

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