Sherwood Amphos (Air / Nitrox) Wrist Computer Watch CW6600 009469

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Mfg Part #: CW6600
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Air & Nitrox Compatible

  • Wear the Amphos Watch everyday
  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes
  • DSAT Decompression Model (Modified Haldanean)
  • Nitrox Programmable (21-50%)
  • 2 Gas feature (2 nitrox mix 21-100%)
  • Manual and Water activation
  • Audible & Flashing LED alarm
  • Backlight for Night Diving
  • Deep Stop and Safety Stop function with countdown timer
  • 24 Dive log
  • User Changeable Batteries
  • User changeable Imperial/Metric
  • Safety stop timer
  • PC downloadable- See below to order
  • DEPTH: 330 feet / 100 meters

Customer Reviews for Sherwood Amphos (Air / Nitrox) Wrist Computer Watch:

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Rating: Sherwood Amphos (Air / Nitrox) Wrist Computer Watch Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Joshua E.
This is my first dive computer purchase. I really wanted something that could function as a dive computer and a watch. Im open water certified and dive recreationally only. There is somewhat of a learning curve of moving through the functions of the dive computer, but after going through the instruction booklet and playing with it on my own I feel pretty comfortable operating the dive computer and moving through the menu selections. Thus far I have not found any downside to the Amphos and feel it has been a good purchase - functionality and price. I would recommend the Amphos for those looking for a functional, user friendly dive computer. It definitely has the technical ability to be utilized beyond my needs, but that gives me room to grow into it - if I want to.

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Rating: Kevin
Reviewer: Kevin Stephens  -  View all my reviews
Has all the features I was looking for. Great price!

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Questions and Answers for Sherwood Amphos (Air / Nitrox) Wrist Computer Watch:

  • Emily:

    Im a little confused. Can you verify whether this is the CW6600 or the CW4400? Sherwoods website says the CW4400 is the Amphos model that allows for future air integration, but Im finding them online for $680 or so. The CW6600 is the version with no ability for wireless air integration, which are available for around $399. Your description says its air integrated, but the price is $399 so I just want to verify I can buy this computer and a separate $300 transmitter for a full wireless air integrated computer. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Emily, the CW6600 is a standard computer with no option for a transmitter. The CW8800 version is the computer you can get with the wireless transmitter feature. This was a mistake on our end and we are correcting this error. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • hcm12e:

    How much to shipping Taiwan and how many days.Thanks

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Ask the Expert system is an ongoing product information database. For more information about alternate products or for more specific information on individual items (such as serial numbers or product availability) please contact our instructors at

  • John:

    Does this computer offer altitude adjustment?

    Kevin  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Yes, this computer can be set for use with altitude diving.

  • catja:

    What material is the bezel? what about the body?

    Kevin  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This watch is kept in a plastic housing.

  • Andrew:

    Sherwood is currently offering a deal on the Amphos. Is that deal honored by The current price is $399.95. Sherwood is throwing in the transmitter and computer cable for the price of the watch.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Amphos computer offered for $399.95 is the original Amphos that is not air-integrated. The Amphos Air is the model being advertised currently with the free transmitter. For more info on this limited time promotion please contact our instructors at

The Amphos is Sherwood's newest addition to an already strong lineup of dive computers.  Sherwood's first true watch computer is sure to be a diver's favorite.  This watch computer's display is based on the intuitive Wisdom3 format.  The computer has four dive operating modes of air, nitrox, gauge and free dive, when not diving it can also be used as a watch.  The computer can operate in either imperial or metric measurements.  The computer is water activated so there is no need to turn it on before you jump in the water.

When diving the Amphos the computer displays 2 bar graphs one for nitrogen loading or oxygen accumulation.  The other is an accent rate indicator graph.  The computer will also display in the dive mode current and deepest depths, no decompression, deep and safety stop information, and required stop depths.

• Four Operating Modes
• Two Gas (21–50% and 21–100%)
• DSAT Decompression Model/Modified Haldanean (Same algorithm as the Wisdom3)
• Safety and Deep Stop with countdown (Min:Sec)
• Logbook: 24 dives (3 screens each)
• Selectable audible alarms with flashing icons
• Loading bar graphs (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ascent)
• Wet activation
• History Mode: Total Dives, Max Depth, Total Dive Hours, Lowest Temp
• Data Retention: Maintains settings and data during battery swap
• Optional: USB Cable Connector

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